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Beat up bike for Learner

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Hi All, I'm a learner in Melbourne looking for my first bike. For some crazy reason, mainly budget I guess,

    I'm attracted to cheap unusual early model bikes, most of which need some work to make road worthy. (No I dont want a chook-chaser instead)

    The dilema is that I don't know a lot about bikes or mechanics in general. However, I'm attracted to the challenge and I'm willing to learn - I just dont want it to end up costing me more than a working bike would.

    I recently came across a Kawasaki BR250 <how do you post pics?> who friend of a friend is selling. It's a 1985, done 28,000k. He's asking $1200 for it as is (I'd probably give $1,000). It's been sitting idle for about 18 months and no longer starts. The bike has no evidence of a crash and apart from sitting for a long time looks to have been well looked after.

    Things that (I know) need recplacing are:

    - Carburettor (~$100 from Motorbitz) / reason for it not starting so I'm told
    - Mirror
    - Kill switch
    - Horn switch and cable
    - clutch lever (damaged, not missing)
    - Indicator lense cover
    - Rear tyer

    So I have questions:

    - Is it worth getting a mechanical check to tell me how much it would cost to road-worthy? (Will a mech. be able to do this?) Does anyone know someone who could do this check and provide a pretty reliable estimate?

    - Has any one had experience with this sort of project before? Good/bad experiences?

    - If I decide to take the plunge, is there someone in the Glen Waverley area who would be willing to teach me a thing or two and fix this bike up? (Or even come to check it out with me)

    - Does anyone know where I can get a checklist of what is needed for a road-worthy so I can check some more things myself?

    I guess my feeling is that if I can get it really good and it gives me 18months reliable commuting to the city and ends up costing <$2,000 then I will have done alright. Any more than this and I might as well fork out the extra $1500 for something actually good.

    Thoughs/Advice/Comments greatly appreciated.
  2. GET IT CHECKED... i got burned i spent 1600 on a 1982 suzuki GSX250 with a RWC and have spent that again keeping it running over three months... and it's still not right.. im just happy that it moves.
    RWC does not mean a reliable or even decent... just safe

    so get some one to have a look at it
  3. +1

    my orig quote for RWC was $65; $800 later I wasn't real f***in' happy
  4. +2.

    I bought a $950 84 GPZ250 test ride Fine, rode for one week fine, then the cam chain ate it's way through the case GAME OVER! Cost more to get it fixed so it now lives in the back shed slow rebuild job in progress.

    You can't trust anyone(well maybe your mates) but still get it looked at.

    Hope your up on two wheels soon. :) [/b]
  5. probably best to spend a little more than deal with a pain in the arse bike that breaks all the time, I picked up my first 250 for 1650 with rego, it had 70,000kms on the clock, I rode it up to 90,000kms before I sold it, only problems it ever had was a lose conection on a ignition coil and a borked vacuum sleeve on the carb.