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VIC Beards and Moustaches apparently killed a 9 year old boy.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by flinders_72, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/mo...ine-year-old-boy/story-fn7x8me2-1226213088675

    Not commenting or speculating on how the incident came about, but this is biased reporting at it's worst.

    Bikie runs down nine-year-old boy in Springvale


    A nine-year-old boy was killed in a Springvale street. Herald Sun

    A nine-year-old was mowed down as he crossed Virginia Rd in Springvale about 5.25pm yesterday. Herald Sun

    UPDATE 10.30am: A BIKIE who ran over and killed a nine-year-old boy at Springvale yesterday has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

    Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe said today the man had been drug and alcohol tested and police believed the boy's death was a tragic accident.
    "The rider of the motorcycle from what I'm told was not at fault," he said.
    "It was one of those things that just happened, the boy ran across the street and into the path of the motorcycle.
    "We feel for the family and the motorcyclist, he will be suffering mental trauma at what's taken place."
    The little boy was believed to be making his way home from a local park when he collided with the bike, which was heading east along Virginia St, Springvale, towards the Rebels clubhouse, at 5.30pm yesterday.

    Soon after, about 15 bikies wearing club patches converged at the accident scene, which was about 350 metres from the clubhouse.
    Police quickly cordoned off the road as paramedics tried to revive the young boy.
    But they were unable to save the youngster and he was pronounced dead at the scene.
    His distraught parents arrived soon after, and broke down in tears before they were taken away by police officers.
    Witnesses said motorbikes and cars often speed along the stretch of road.
    Mayzamoe Din, 22, who lives nearby, said the road was notorious for speeding motorbikes.
    "The motorbikes speed here way too much,'' he said.
    Mr Din watched helpessly as emergency workers tried to save the boy.
    "One of the paramedics was doing CPR on the boy, and the one was holding his head.
    "Police breathalysed the motorbike rider. About 15 other bikies were there. They all had beards and moustaches.''
    A number of concerned residents gathered around while officers from the major collision investigation unit worked at the scene.
    The motorbike involved in the accident did not appear to be badly damaged.
    It was loaded on to a tow truck and driven away for testing.
    Police said the motorcyclist was taken to hospital for treatment.
    When approached by the Sunday Herald Sun for comment, the club said it would not be making a statement.
    Police will prepare a report for the coroner.
    The Rebels' suspected involvement in this accident is certain to bring them under increased pressure by authorities.
    The Rebels are described as an outlaw motorcycle club with about 70 chapters and 2,000 members nationally.
    Their national president is former boxer Alex Vella.
    Their insignia is a Confederate flag with a cap-wearing skull and 1% patch in the centre.
    Authorities claim they are a criminal organisation, but the group counters they are motorcycle enthusiasts not gangsters.
    In the past decade, police have raided Rebels clubhouses and seized firearms, drugs, and a crocodile.
    Two years ago, police stormed the Virginia St clubhouse to seize a Harley Davidson motorcycle and alcohol from the Rebels Australia clubhouse in Springvale.
    The bikies filmed the raid and posted it to YouTube.
    - with Jessica Craven"
  2. Re: Terrible biased reporting

    Holy crap beards and moustaches, bring in the SOG
  3. #3 Dougz, Dec 4, 2011
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    I was just about to link to this.
    This is some of the WORST journalism I've seen in a very long time.

    I'm so pissed off!
  4. Re: Terrible biased reporting

    They most certainly won't publish my comment!
  5. Wow, how can that garbage even be allowed to be published
  6. Re: Terrible biased reporting

    I know they are a fairly toothless lot, but that warrants a complaint to the Press Council.
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  7. Re: Terrible biased reporting

    I'd be calling a real estate agent if i were him.
  8. Re: Terrible biased reporting

    I have to say, the headline was a give away, but was anyone suprised? The media being as it is currently.

    However, we on this site are just as quick to point the finger and jump up and down when it is a rider hurt, before the investigation is complete and we have all the facts. It appears to be human nature.

    The tragedy is that another life is cut short and the trauma experienced by those involved. My condolences to the family, and thoughts to the rider. It would be a horrible thing to be involved in.
  9. Re: Terrible biased reporting

    Where do we do that, speculation is banned, you should report it to a mod if that is happening.
  10. Re: Terrible biased reporting

    This comment hi-lights the issue. It perpetuates the idea that the bikies could be a threat. If riders can suggest this, are we suprised that the media and the public have the view?
  11. This thread is about shoddy journalism, please keep in mind a 9 year old boy was tragically killed and is known to one our netrider members.
    All comments are to be about the crap journalism and nothing else.
    Day, VC keep your arguments out of this thread.
  12. The comments section shows that not all HS readers are idiots. There is one comment from someone complaining that the 'boy collided with the bike' somehow implies fault on the victim and a couple of other brain dead responses, but the overall tone of the responses are 'WTF are the HS doing reporting this sensationalist crap'

    It just highlights just how shocking and pathetic the HS is and it's blatant attempts to get click throughs, as well as support a 'tough on crime' agenda that it thinks it needs.
  13. If u want to make a real impact that will make this reporter and the Sun accountable just have a look at what advertisers are close to the article. Send THEM a complaint stating you will not purchase their product/service if it supports such irresponsible journalism. Send a copy to the Sun. Only thing these type of people understand is money. Make the smallest effort that could threaten that and they will crumble before your eyes.
  14. This is how journalism has always been. They reported a hatless man running away from Squiggy Taylors shooting. Its just how it is. Nothing will ever change it.
  15. The Herald Sun’s article is disrespectful to all parties and its readers.
  16. The Age on the other hand reported the circumstances without speculation and emotive language. The HUN is reporting now in an update that the Motorcyclist has been cleared of wrongdoing. No speeding, No hooning. A tragic accident.

    Motorcycle hits boy
    December 4, 2011

    A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy was killed after being hit by a motorcycle at Springvale yesterday afternoon, bringing to four the number of road fatalities yesterday.

    Police said the motorcycle was travelling along Virginia Road and hit the boy, who was crossing the road, at 5.25pm. He died at the scene.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/motorcycle-hits-boy-20111203-1ocld.html#ixzz1fXQrNoGc
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  17. Agreed.
  18. The article has been edited from the original. Luckily I kept a copy of the original. If you think what's in the above link is biased, read this, no mention of the bikie being cleared of any wrongdoing:

  19. I have a beard, and I ride a motorbike, I'm also 6 foot 4 and I am a perfect description of a gentle giant. I don't even kill spiders, I just put them outside. But having said that, whene ever I see a 9 year old boy on the road, my beard just takes over and I blackout, often waking up surrounded by police. . .
  20. Movember obviously slipped the Journalists mind.