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Beards and chin straps

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Matthew S, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. I have a longish goatee. On my old helmet, I was always worried about dragging my beard through the D rings and getting it knotted up while doing it up or undoing it. I updated a couple of weeks ago to an AGV K3 SV which has a tongue and clip type system. WAY better for me. Just push my beard forward with the back of my fingers and push the tongue into the clip. Easy to release, too.

    Anyway, catching my beard is one of those odd paranoid things us riders go through. What are you other blokes doing to stop your beards getting caught in your chin strap? A mate of mine puts a hair tie on his like a pony tail (he rides a Harley and has an open face - it also keeps it out of his face while riding).

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  2. I keep it short. Having it longer is just a bother.

    One fellow I know uses a thin neck warmer sort of a thing - mostly to cover his face and nose. He puts it on, pulls it up, then does up the strap. That works.
  3. Fortunately mine only seems to grow to about aninch long. So not really an issue for me.
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  4. Ah, I hadn't thought of that (I can't give you a like yet). I always thought those skull face buff things were so you don't eat bugs. It could be those blokes were also keeping their beards sorted out. :)
  5. My beard is getting pretty long now, sticks at least 1-2 inches out the bottom of the helmet. I just do the helmet up as per normal (D-ring style)... What's hard? Never caught it yet..

    In winter or wet weather I wear a buff, pulled up over my nose, but that's really for fogging and to stop my beard getting water logged (especially going to work, on way home or weekend rides it's not a bother).

    The real question is do you carry a comb? What beard oil do you use?
  6. Just shave it all off!
    Ya hippies he he
  7. I don't have a problem with my chin whiskers. The issue is around my jawline. If it's not catching on the cheek pads and getting epilady'd out taking the helmet on and off, it's getting roughed up so I look like a bushranger when I take my helmet off.
  8. Fekking Hipsters. Real blokes wouldn't see it as a problem.
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  9. I have a mustache, Reasonably long, never caught it in the D ring yet, Just pull it forward as you do the chin strap up,
    I have more problems with live bugs in it, Hitting my face, they die or get squashed, Hitting the mustache, They live,
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