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Beancounters can go fcuk themselves

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Pugsly, May 22, 2016.

  1. <RANT>Let me invite the fcuking fcuktard beancounters that decided that saving 2c on a hex-bolt is worth it so what should be a 5 minute job to change a headlight globe becomes a hour long mini-project to take their head and ram it so far up their arse that they can't be distinguished from a pretzel.</RANT>

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  2. Oookay slowly back away
  3. I feel you.. I have to disconnect the battery in the car to replace the headlight globe.. God knows who thought that was a worthwhile process.

    1. Replace globe
    2. Reprogram stereo every D@MN TIME!
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  4. Haha try working on a Ducati....
  5. In my case it was correctly sized allen key inserted, apply torque, round off. Swear. Find I didn't have the right size torx key, go buy one, Hammer slightly bigger torx key in, rotate, round off more. Swear. Drill out both sides, collect all the metal now shavings now around forks and other places I don't want metal shavings to be, back out what's left of the bolts out, back to the shop to get new bolts.
    Replace globe, put everything back together.
  6. I feel your pain mate. Bought an after market, but well respected brand bash/sump guard. Rounded off two bolts just tightening to their specified torque value.. Ended up getting them all back out and went straight to the nearest fastener shop and bought decent quality ones. No issues since.. It makes you wonder why they even bother supplying such cheap crap. Lodged a complaint with the Australian distributor and they refunded me what I spent replacing the shit bolts. Which was nice customer service, but in my mind, shouldn't have been necessary.
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