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Beach road (Mordialloc - St Kilda)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by javaman, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. This used to be 60k zone, and now becomes 40k zone.

    I experienced a lot of abuse when sticking to the speed limit.

  2. I find it bloody hard myself. Thats on the pushy of course.
  3. :shock: Is this the whole way? Permanent, or just temporary (games related)? Oh well, means I will be able to take in more of the, ummm view, for the hot evening rides home from work :)
  4. christ... 40k?

    My uncle lost his licence a few weeks ago near black rock when it was 60k!

    That road is gonna suck now.
  5. I just cannot believe this. :eek: 40kph all the way from Mordialloc to St Kilda !!! :shock:

    My goodness gracious me :roll:
  6. Since when, I used it Friday week ago and it was 60 I hope :-(

    This will force me to use Nepean Hwy what a bummer
  7. what the hell kinda logic to they use to come up with these ideas? had to be an entire episode worthy of 'Yes Minister' behind this decision :(
  8. That just about has to be the stupidest decision ever. It's a 3 lane divided road, it's crazy to make it 40kph.
  9. And that's EXACTLY what they'll be wanting you and everyone else to do ... is my guess :evil:

    There goes that "alternate" route if this is the case ... :evil:

    Can't you just hear the cash registers "kerchinging" in the initial couple of weeks ... "safety camera" after "safety camera" all the way along the Beach Road. *sighhhhhhhh* :roll: :roll:

    I wonder how long it'll be before we can look up the term "Highway Robbery" in the dictionary and see a photo of Bracksy???
  10. Yep and then maybe I will try South Eastern untill tolls come on :evil:
  11. :shock: :shock: :shock: son of a *($@#! i just get a job where i don't have to go up and down the infamous punt road and now this! :mad: ](*,)
  12. Your thinking of Nepean Hwy - completely different rd than Beach Rd
  13. Same here, I wandered down to Moorabbin two weekends ago and other than the hot day beach traffic and scenery :wink: I'm sure it was still a 60 zone.

    S'pose this is one way to slow those bloody treadlies down along there.
  14. Just watching Com Games and the signs on the road said 40, maybe temporary?
  15. I was actually thinking of Beaconsfield Parade where it joins to Beach Rd. I forgot it went to two lanes over Beach Rd.
    Still a dumb idea.
  16. It definitely is temporary as the 40 signs are just clipped on top of the 60 sign. Most likely because of the games (but it was sunday and there was no competition there?)

    Again I can't believe the abuse I got from drivers for obeying the law. I remember this particular car, a range rover with the following plate number:


    This fcukhead can go with me on the mountains and see how fast he thinks he is. What a fcuking wanker.
  17. I cannot see this being a permanant thing. There is no real reason for a 40 kph zone along Beach Rd, except for the games.

    Another thing that makes me say this, is the fact, the signs are only clipped on. :grin:
  18. Hasn't closing Beach Rd for the day stuffed things down south today :shock:

    I've been running around Frankston all day and even Springvale Rd & the freeways (Frankston & Monash) seemed to be a lot busier than usual with people dodging the Nepean Hwy. Driving down there & back home was not much fun (I live out west), mind you, I'm not having any problems driving around the city at the moment so the games aren't all bad, in fact we need to encourage more people to avoid the city permanently :wink:
  19. I travel along Beach Road to get to work each morning. The games have not affected me in the mornings. But going home has certainly changed. A lot more congested. :?