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Beach Rd / Marine Pde St Kilda

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GM250, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Police were pulling over all motorcycles heading towards the city Sunday afternoon (near the BP). Didnt appear to be pulling any cars in. Checked my licence and told me to straighten my number plate back down as it was obscured saying he was saving me 3 demerit points. Luckily he didnt look for my rego label.

  2. They might as well start with "Hope you were enjoying your Sunday ride before we decided to ruin it by wasting your time" when they do this crap.
  3. just remember. Come to a complete stop, turn engine off, remove helmet, remove gloves and then talk/blow into the machine. when you are free to go.

    Start your bike and let it warm up, adjust jacket, turn mp3 player on and select playlist, put helmet on, put gloves on slowly, adjust helmet, check that bike is up to temperature and slowly pull away when its safe to.

    Maybe even try and spark up a conversation.

    The longer you hold em up, the less people they will get and the less they will want to pull over the next bike.
  4. You forgot to add - realise helmet buckle is still undone, fiddle with gloves, realise that you actually need to take gloves off, take off gloves, do buckle, put gloves on slowly.
  5. ...then FANG IT LIKE A BASTARD!

  6. Wait a second, please tell me they're required to stay there until you depart. That's just too much fun to pass up.
  7. That great will do it next time, before I didn't take anything off and try to get away quicky. Thanks guys for the good tips.
  8. What do you mean? I only moved to Melbourne this year (so still learning the Vic Roads nuances) and the dealer told me I don't need to have my rego showing, it is under my seat in the documents bag. Is that legal or does it need to be outwardly visible?


  9. Apparently it's meant to be visable (usually bolted to the corner of the number plate mount, or on the swingarm).

    I used to carry mine under the seat anyway, although these days I'm not even doing that ;)
  10. It's required to be visible from the left or rear of the vehicles. (Police can decide what constitutes 'visible').
    Under the seat? No way.
  11. Sounds like I've been lucky then and the dealer gave me some dodgy advice!

  12. Label on the left and visible means to be read from 5 metres away.
  13. i was pulled over maybe 20 times with my DR800 motard.

    i had the rego ziptied down behind the headlight.

    I got defected for just about everything exept the rego label.

    check the vicroads site as of this time i believe its allowed to be behind the headlight or on the left of the bike
  14. i've heard repeatedly its meant to be on the LHS of the bike visable.

    But it looks shit!! Mine has always lived under the seat, both bikes.

    My excuse each time;

    "I park at a mates house every now and then, and I have to park on the grass, and the side stand sinks in, so I use the rego label (in those flat label holders)."

    Has worked for me everytime I get pulled over for all sorts of shit.
  15. Mine is on the right as there is no mounting point on the left side.
  16. Hi Guys,

    I did some research and the following comes from:

    Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009 (PDF)

    Section 52:

    A registration label for a vehicle must be affixed
    so that—
    (a) it is clearly visible from a distance of
    5 metres from the vehicle; and

    (b) the information on the label is readable from
    outside the vehicle.

    and Section 53:

    (c) in the case of a motor cycle, in a suitable
    (i) to the left side of the motor cycle so
    that the front of the label faces
    outwards from the motor cycle; or

    (ii) to the handlebar on the left side of the
    motor cycle so that the front of the label
    faces the front of the motor cycle; or

    (iii) to the centre of the front of the motor
    cycle in a position as near as
    practicable to the top of the steering
    head so that the front of the label faces
    towards the front of the motor cycle; or

    (iv) on or adjacent to the motor cycle's
    number plate in a way that the
    characters on the number plate are not

    Make of that what you will :)
  17. I took a bike for a test ride after doing some work on it down Beach Rd on Saturday.
    Happy they weren't there then... it is kind of unregistered :)
  18. You guys make me laugh, you really do. "Police were pulling over all motorcycles'...

    Can you guess why? Read your posts for the answer.
  19. That sounds like a front numberplate, I wonder if anyone has one mounted there! :rofl: