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Beach racing

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by JohnG., Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Gday All,
    Now for something a bit different.We went along to the annual Beach Races at Grasstree Beach,30klm south of Mackay Qld,Today.

    Sadly no Aprilias...as far as I could tell...but most everything else...

    But yes,even a few road bikes.An R1,Z1000,GsxR,Thuxton,FJ1100 etc...

    ...'came third,at the wrong end...;)

    $35,000 AUD!!...but got 'eaten up' by 450's in the sand...

    My Caponord and friends...
  2. Would be pretty cool... was it just a sprint or a course race?
  3. Awesome photos! Looks like a wicked fun day!
  4. that looks tops!
    and ya gotta love the look of knobbies on a bike that doesnt normally wear em.. :cool:
    i'd love to do it in the sand too..!
  5. Thanks John - looks like fun

    Big screen and new top box eh, looking good :cool: Next year get some nobbies on and get on that sand :wink:
  6. Alex,
    Yup,..Tall Eagle Screen & a Givi E450 Topbox(very handy)
    Yeah,I loved the racing...'had me thinking of looking around for a Capo in the wreckers...salt/sand's a real killer for a daily rider.

    Just sprint racing...but LOOVE the smell of av-gas 'n' racing oils in the morning... :twisted: :twisted: