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Be Warned!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Coconuts, Feb 20, 2006.

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  2. I was worried about you a long time ago, but you certainly take the cake with that one Coconuts :grin:
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  4. LOL ... leave the poor pussy's out of it !!
  5. I have 3 cats .Thats made my day.
  6. Make sure they aren't peeping through the ceiling !! :wink:
  7. Thats nothing.... I got 5.... They all just sort of turned up and never left :? :? :? :? :? :?

    In order of age and stature:

    Sam: 13 years Rank: Somewhat likened to Mufasa from Lion King
    Winston: 10 years Rank: Neurotic cat who catches flowers and sticks
    Stephanie: 9 years Rank: The lady of the house (what you expect from a persian)
    Indianna: 7 years Rank: The timid little thing from Dinotopia
    Squeek: 1.5 years Rank: NUTBALL. SAVAGE. SCARY. Security agent for ASIO
  8. Why oh why do I find that funny.

  9. My cats:

    Elvis- born on 9/11. Afraid of everything, including himself.
    Lovey- 2 years old. White. part Siamese, thus -noisy. very girly. chews bike seats!!!!
    Boofa- 14 months. Loveys son. skinny.insane.feline A.D.D.
  10. I thought I saw a flash go off the other night :shock:

    I want those pictures back ceiling cat!!!
  11. 1) Alley. 14. antisocial nutball. Smartest cat I have ever even seen. This is the one who when I was looking at newgroups jumped on the keyboard and when she left I had signed up for rec.annecdotes.cat.

    Also famous for using the toilet.. sleeping inside computers ,getting into drawers and shutting them from inside. ripping the arm to pieces of a not very nice person who picked her up. and being my mate through some tough times.

  12. I love animals – its people I have problems with :LOL:

    1. GinGin – Natural born killer but scared of his own shadow, tormentor only to much smaller creatures.

    2. Mick – Overweight but has lots of strength, outsmarts & outfights anything when he can be bothered - including dogs & vets. Very lazy - demands to be picked up and carried to his dinner, will not walk even an inch towards it although he is always hungry.