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VIC be warned - 32 New traffic camera getting switched on

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by simon varley, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. they're turning the speed cameras on

    now personally, I'm not 100% against combined red light and speed cameras if that's what all of these are. At least there is some merit to the safety argument in these cases, provided it's applied on a case by case basis.

    Anyway - now you know! no excuses!

  2. Re: be warned

    Thanks for posting mate.
    The idea of 'advertised' (read 'proper signage', 3 times leading up to a camera, as is the case in NSW) is okay. The warning is there and motorists can choose to either obey the law or blatantly disregard it, with ensuing result/s.

    However, the use of 'spy' cameras in cars parked on the shoulders of roads, sniper style surveillance from bushes etc is for safety reasons ?! I despise the latter system in place. Hopefully, the VIC government can adopt the same principles currently used in NSW and not to be so 'discreet' about it. The latter reminds me of primary school oval games of 'hide and seek'. Surely, mature people are running our country, right ?
    Cheers Simon
  3. Re: be warned

    Although I'm against cameras in general, fixed cameras at intersections (including red light cams) are the least of my concerns.

    Interesting that Ryan has thus far declined to follow the recommendation to stop publishing the locations...
  4. Re: be warned

    Actually - Speed cameras at intersections are particularly idiotic.

    So.. you're riding along at about the speed limit.
    the car behind is following too closely - which is nothing too unusual.
    The light ahead goes orange just as you're at that iffy point where you have to decide to stop or go through.

    With the guy behing so close you decide it's safer to go through. only you don't want to run the red - so you wind on throttle and scoot through before the light goes red.

    Brilliant. Nice safe riding that worked out well for everyone.
    Only you then get to cough up $300 or so and 3 points for 15 over.
    Never mind that it was safer for everyone oncerned than any other option available. Hooray for idiots!
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  5. Re: be warned

    So what's the difference between you winding on the throttle a bit to get through the orange/red on your bike, and a car doing the exact same thing for safety reasons, but inadvertently collecting someone else on the way? Maybe you on your motorcycle. But I forgot, you being a motorcyclist are a far superior and advanced road user. Please don't make me sick. Red is red. Orange means slow down if safe to do so, or continue at your current velocity. Not speed up. Red light cameras at every intersection would be fine by me after watching the antics of some people involving orange/red lights.
  6. Re: be warned

    It wasn't bike specific. There's nothing wrong with a car doing the same thing for the same reasons.
    And if you'd bothered to actually read what I wrote you'd notice that what I described was precisely not slowing down for an orange BECAUSE IT MIGHT NOT BE SAFE TO DO SO.

    It would be nice if the anti speeding retards out there realised that there are perfectly valid and safe reasons to exceed the speed limit occasionally.
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  7. Re: be warned

    I agree. But red lights and intersections are not the place to do so.
  8. Re: be warned

    What about the opposite effect? A driver is travelling at the limit. The driver approaches the intersection and sees the camera. Even though he/she was already under the limit, the driver hits the brakes to make sure they're well under the limit. This causes an unnecessary hazard, I see it all the time.
  9. Re: be warned

    I've had the exact situation I described happen a number of times. On a bike and in a car.
    Slowing down seemed unacceptable due to the person behind and my opinion on how they were driving.
    Maintaining speed would have put me at risk of being in the intersection when it went red.
    Both of those options seemed more dangerous than briefly accelerating and making sure to clear the intersection then returning to the limit

    They want increased enforcement... fine, deploy actual people who are capable of considering context, not mindless cameras that can only deal with simple rules.
    Driving is a complex exercise. I'd like the enforcement of rules to be treated as complex too. not a sinple "Over the limit - here's your fine" mentality
  10. Re: be warned

    What if were a cat/dog or child that the driver slowed for? I can't see any relevance to your argument trying to justify speeding up for an orange/red light :-s
  11. Re: be warned

    Then you would have done nothing wrong, and not been fined. How hard is that to comprehend?
  12. Re: be warned

    1) That assumes being already in the intersection and not that split second going over the line as it goes red leading to a ticket
    2) Being in an intersection when it goes red instead of being clear out the other side is doing something wrong in my book.

    Your focus seems to be on following the letter of the law and avoiding fines.
    Mine is about driving within limits and limiting situations I can't control.
    Like relying on everyone else at a light to do the right thing when I could happily have been clear of the whole situation at much less risk to everyone concerned.

    But I think you're just deliberately being obtuse at this point.
  13. Re: be warned

    Bullshit. If you are worried about someone following too closely, then simply slow down. Let them pass and speed through the red light. You have no idea how many times I've laughed when I've been driving a truck -at the speed limit, and tailgating drivers have accelerated past me through intersections/red light cameras. All because of impatience.
    I grew up in NZ, where the lights change instantly in different directions. No delay like here, between the light changing red in one direction, to green the other. You learn respect for red lights. Or you will get cleaned up. I'd rather slow down any day than accelerate into something I have no control over.
  14. Re: be warned

    So... things like making sure you're either stopped in time, or completely clear of the intersection perhaps?

    Which is interesting since you're in here arguing against somebody being able to do exactly that.
  15. Re: be warned

    Are you completely stupid? There is an orange period in the light sequence to ensure that you have ample time to either slow safely to a stop, or continue through the intersection in a safe manner. If the light changes red when you are 3/4's the way through, then there is no harm done, no offense committed, and no risk of a collision with another vehicle. And no need to accelerate.
  16. Re: be warned

    And if you apply acceleration and make sure you're clear of the intersection before it goes red, there's no harm done and even less risk of a collision with another vehicle.
    Unless you're an advocate of speed cameras in which case you'd agree that I should be locked up for such irresponsible behaviour

    I've seen people almost cleaned up because they hadn't cleared an interserction when it went red and someobody thought they'd get a jump on the green light.
    Don't pretend it doesn't happen. It shouldn't but it does. And if you aren't able to stop safely, then it's safer just not to be there when it goes red.
  17. Re: be warned

    You really don't get it do you? It's your decision to speed/accelerate through an intersection. Then piss and moan when you cop a speeding fine when you do so. Due to the fact that there is a mechanism in place to discourage idiots crashing red lights at speed. The more the better (red light cameras).
    When I speed, I do it properly. In a place and manner that is very very unlikely to impact on anyone else. And I can assure you thta it's not in town, and through intersections.
  18. Re: be warned

    Yes. Now you're starting to get it.
    It's my decision. It's a good one. It's the right decision in some situations.
    Which makes getting fined for it idiotic.
    Feel free to go back and read where I posted that these sorts of fines should be issued by people who can evaluate an entire situation, not just 1 piece of data.

    Buy hey we disagree. There doesn't seem much point in continuing with this.
  19. Re: be warned

    I remember a set of speed/red light cameras on St.Georges/Arthurton Rd intersection (next to Batman Park) city bound in Melbourbe which had a really short amber to red change. Most people knew this and when they see the amber, people would brake hard and skid to the intersection line, initial speed at posted limit (I have tried this and was just shy off the sensors). Was worse when it was raining, I have seen one person skid over the sensors triggering the camera. Most people, including myself, tend to travel at about 60-65km/hr approaching the lights just in case they go amber. Many people have travelled along in the amber but turns red really quickly and get done for red light fine. Pretty sure they changed the speed limit to 60 now, which made more sense, but took the council/government a while to change them over. Lucky I don't live out that way anymore so don't have to worry about it.
  20. Re: be warned

    I got better things to do than worry about camera's at intersections...
    Never had a ticket from any camera at any intesection so I couldn't care less how many of them they roll out.
    Most bad accidents in built up areas are at intesections by the way...

    I'd rather focus my anti camera efforts towards mobile camera's placed on perfectly good roads with unrealistic or unrealistically reduced speed limits or any point to point systems away from any city.
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