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Be truly scared,

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Mar 31, 2011.



    Congratulations Heather, Well done.

    She came in the door and looked absolutely bloody dreadful,

    Whats the matter, I asked her.

    She said to me, come out and look at my bike,

    I am thinking by the look of her, she had had a bad bingle on it,

    Some one hit you, you have dropped it, the mind is boggling, what is wrong with it, Can I fix it,

    She says Check it out, I go over it with a fine tooth comb,
    Wheels are straight in the frame, no scratches, nothing obviously broken,
    Nothing wrong with it as far as I can tell, DUUUUUHHHHH.

    Stuffed if I know, It looks allright to me, But Some one has pinched your L plate,

    I have my licence she says, I took the L plates off,

    She kept it a secret that she was even going for it,

    God these bloody women know how to put the wind up a bloke,

    so be carefull out there, Heather is now loose on a motor bike, Hahahahahaha
  2. hahahahah

    Well done Heather.....
  3. Congrats and well done.
  4. Good onya H.
  5. Good work Heather! =D>
  6. Good work Heather. LOL. Well done.
  7. Well done!
  8. Nicely done, must have gave you some heart palpitations "Some one hit you, you have dropped it, the mind is boggling, what is wrong with it, Can I fix it,"
  9. Hahaha clever woman. Congrats to her!
  10. She hates tests, And she looked absolutely dreadfull when she came in,

    Obviously, some one has run over her, or she has hit some thing.

    Cant be too bad, the bike is here, bit of a relief, but she would not say what was wrong with her or the bike,

    My heart was pounding, I do know what can go wrong on a bike, Scared the shitter out of me,
    I have been waiting for this, some thing that I hoped would never happen to her,
    Such a relief to find that nothing was wrong,

    Bloody women, Yaaarrrkkkk,
  11. Ta everyone, OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a day, the hard thing was keeping it a secret from, "he who wants to know everything" It was a surprise for him for our " 12 month thingo" I think I surprised him?????. lol
  12. One step closer to grab'n the keys to the Bird, bloody well done!
  13. congrats! well done and doubly well done on keeping it from the hubby.
  14. Told you that you could do it.

    Congratulations, Heather
  15. Congrats Heather.

    Could have told you you would be fine from the way you led the Nojee ride.
  16. You "bikey" guys are great for a gals ego, thanks heaps. keeping it from the "man" WAS the hardest part, OMG, don't let him hear you call him "hubby" he'll have a stroke at his age. but well worth the reaction lol. keys to the "bird" are out of bounds for me, way above my skills anyway, I'm happy CRUISIN, as well as more than happy to have the test out of the way
    cheers H
  17. Congrat Heather :D

    I did the same thing ........
    told noone that I was going for my licence, after I got it , just sent everyone a pic of the rear of my bike with the caption
    " can you tell what's missing " .. lol
  18. Congrats..!!
    My wife and I just got ours on Sunday.. And since we have only one bike at the moment.. I see fair bit of fight for it in the nearby future.. (at least until we get a second one..:)
  19. Well done Heather!
  20. Congrats.

    Does this mean you can get a real bike now........