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Be The Bike

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Whilst poking around a patent website I came across this gem.
    Not much info but it could be fun :LOL:

    Be The Bike!
    US Patent Issued In 2004

    In the race to satisfy adrenaline junkies need for speed and for something new and dangerous, we present you with an extraordinary new form of downhill racing, where the rider becomes one with his steed, where the biker actually becomes the bike!

    There are no motors so gravity is your go juice and to activate the rear brakes you need to squeeze your knees together like a mobile ThighMaster. Your legs are strapped to the rear gear so there's no bailing out but there is a fender to fend off fanny friction should you sit too low. We recommend wearing as much padding and body armor as possible because there's no way to catch yourself if you start to fall but hey, before you get going too fast, we bet you could pop a few wacky wheelies!

  2. "If I wanted to be a piece of sporting equipment, I'd be a ladies' bicycle seat." - Rodney Dangerfield
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  4. I would hate to be a gentleman "being" this contraption if your arms got tired and your nether regions collapsed onto the rear wheel!!

    Reminds me kinda of an episode of "Southpark" I saw a long time ago. Looking at how ridiculous it really is, I reckon all the kids will be demanding one next Christmas.
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    :shock: You win! He's sure got some impressive control there. Way too much adrenaline for me though.
  6. I'm buggered if I know how he controls it, or where he got the testicle transplant required for such a feat, but I take my hat off for his efforts.
  7. One thing I wonder about with that picture - how exactly is the rider supposed to take a drink from that water bottle without crashing :? .
  8. The design looks pretty dangerous.

    Imagine the pile-up at the Mardi Gras...