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Be 'One' with your bike ...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. I've heard this often here, but I didnt realise what it actually meant until this week ( I think ) :?
    I almost experienced the same feeling before I sold the SL250, I did 3,000km on her before I got my Hornet.
    Monday, I was riding to home from work ( as per usual), when the same feeling come over me. Ive clocked almost 4,000km on her now.
    Is it my imagination?? Am i being a TOOL ??
    The feeling was strange to explain.. It was like I was no longer riding a bike, like I was wearing it ... like a suit. A suit which was the means for me to propel myself.

    Am I going NUTTY ??? :roll:

    .. anxiously awaiting the roars of laughter and ridicule :LOL:
  2. what do you mean "going"?!
    you are clearly off your feckin' head already!!

    'tis a good feeling though, isnt it :)
  3. just so you know i find that totally inapropriate :roll:

    :LOL: :LOL:

    Thanks Joel !.. Yep it's a hellofa feeling :grin: :grin:

    EDITED : Sorry Joel .. still had that comment Loz made in my head, ya know the one I'm off :rofl:
  4. Ya mum! :LOL:
  5. :?
    i'll let him know :LOL:
  6. :oops:
    Yep I'm off me feckin head
    I edited the reply ..
  7. Some pilots have the same feeling when flying a familiar aircraft.
  8. You might be totally off your head but then so am I.

    I know exactly what you mean, great feeling.

    I've been there lots of times in my 35 years of owning bikes.
  9. Yes, we have seen.

  10. Thanks for Sharing PP,
    Family portraits are like national treasures that should be worn
    with PRIDE.
  11. Nice when it happens, eh. :)
    And it will only get better as you get to know your bike, and know more and more about what it's telling you. (Listen to your bike)

    Be warned though...it's not a constant...there are still worse and better days...make sure you know which kind of a day you are having before you 'play' too much. :)
  12. Well done VCM! For me, that occurs when everything that's been wurring around in the background finally clicks and it all just happens in sync. I've had the odd moment of that, but lately there's been too much wurring going on :LOL: . Too many skills to sort out! One day it's gonna click :mad:
  13. Thanks raven .. so the feeling comes and goes depending on the day ..?
    I'm looking forward to developing this new found relationship with the hornet :p
    This MUST be WHY people RIDE eh \:D/

    Pinkxie ,, Those odd moments are GREAT eh :wink:
    BTW I dare say I have alot more skill-developing to attain before I get anywhere near half as good as you guys .. workin on it tho.
  14. :eek:hno: You mean they have 'off' days where they 'don't '

    :rofl: @ the off-your-head comment
  15. yep know and love that feeling, though reckon you notice it more, when things are on the edge of turning bad, and you sorta know how the bike will react :)
  16. Oh yeah, Stewy...You get out there on the edge of the envelope, and it all comes together...brain sharp as a tack, reactions pin sharp, and in tune with the bike...brilliant! :grin:
  17. I want what he's drinking ... :p
  19. It just happens when I'm relaxed.(More often on a track than the road, as there is too much traffic about). It happens when you're not thinking specifically about changing gears, or which brake lever to use (or how much), or how hard to lean, or how much or little throttle to apply. You are not thinking about what the body is doing. It seems the mind is in direct control of the bike.

    The bike just becomes an extension of your soul. :woot:

    Oh PP..Is that you? I see you have imigrated from NZ. :p
  20. Great way to describe it !!

    :LOL: @ the PP comment