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Be nice to L platers!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Cris, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. After a shitful few weeks, with (amongst other things) no riding (causing me to have to postpone my MOST test), had a great ride today. Nothing epic, but the weather was gorgeous, the roads quiet. Lismore to Kyogle, and hour or so north of that, back for coffee and cake in Kyogle (lots of riders there today), then returning on some back roads to Lismore.

    I'm still pretty slow, and kept to my 90km/h Learner license limit for about half the trip, so was passed by lots of other riders. Several gave me a friendly wave, and one fellow turned his head as he passed with a big grin and thumbs up.

    Arrived home in far better spirits than when I left (and with a couple of hundred k's more experience). The ride was great, and the good-cheer vibe from other riders capped it off. Be nice to us L platers, even when we're slow! It can count.

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  2. gotta agree... only been on my Ls for a few months - the rain has stopped me getting out more - but when I have, I've really appreciated the way other riders have encouraged me with a wave or a nod as I kick them past :happy:
  3. I think the other riders think I am some hot young thing.....little do they know lol
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  4. One of the unsung properties of motorcycling gear ;)
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  5. I personally think everyone looks awesome on a motorbike.


    I feel awesome too...
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  6. I'm on my Ls as well and have had nothing but good experiences with other riders. Everyone's been real friendly and helpful, especially the guys I met from on here.

    Car's however are a different story. I can drive the same road at the same speed at the same time of day and the way people drive around me is completely different in the car compared to on the bike. In both situations I'll be going the speed limit, generally driving safely, within the law but not too slow. In the car if people catch me at a light, roundabout, whatever they're content to sit behind me for the most part.

    On the bike everyone just wants to pass me. It's like seeing that big yellow L plate in front of them is offensive or something. I find this pretty annoying as they'll gun it to get past, sometimes cutting me off, then sit just on or below the speed limit. Which in turn means that the next person to catch up will want to do the same.
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  7. Yeah, it's pretty easy to tell when my P plate has fallen off the bike, cause the cars tend to actually give me some space at that point.
  8. You ride a bike, you're one of us (unless you're on a scooter (joke)).
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  9. Thankfully Eph I won't have to have plates on when I get my Ps/restricted license. Hopefully that'll be in a month. Otherwise I'll have them for a long ass time.
  10. Yep, that big L is like a red rag to a bull for some reason. Doesn't matter if you're riding fine, they'll tailgate, speed past you, cut in front, cut you off and generally be dickheads around you while you're displaying one. When it isn't there, suddenly the world is calm again.

    I was following a somewhat wobbly learner rider in the car yesterday and watched multiple cars do all sorts of stupid crap to the poor guy. I ended up just hanging behind him for a while and trying to provide a bit of a buffer for him until he turned off.
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  11. Was out for a ride yesterday on a bunch of local country roads, getting in some cornering practise. Got very, very tired of being tailgated. I am fairly slow around corners, for what I think are good reasons (inexperience, and keeping a close eye on the shithouse potholed, patched, folded road surfaces we get around here).

    One van was too close for me to see its number plate in the mirrors. This is on an 80km limit skinny road with no shoulders (so nowhere to stop to let him pass). I was over the limit on the straightish parts, and, yes, slowing somewhat for the (often tight) bends. He eventually found a spot to pass me, and I caught up with him coming into Lismore. His impatience had gained him all of 45 seconds.

    Hate guns, but wouldn't have minded a Texas-style carry law for a moment there.
  12. Had a guy pull up next to me on my morning commute (first attempt). Pulled up next to me at the lights and gave me a big thumbs up. Had another guy sneak up behind me a tail me for a bit. When I stopped at the lights he offered some friendly advice.

    I've had a car jump on the breaks in flowing traffic in front of me (3 lane road). Admittedly I grabbed a fist full of breaks but not enough to trip the abs.

    Best one so far was a guy eating his big mac with both hands, merged into my lane without even looking whilst breaking at the same time. fcuktard!
  13. I've been riding around on my Ls since Monday. So far so good, people have been quite nice. But I always try to make sure my pony tail is visible under the helmet, haha, that might help!!

    Had a really nice experience today, some rider on his bike was riding behind me on the M1 and made sure cars treat me nicely... So sweet! Kept hanging behind me until I left the M1! Thanks so much, unknown rider on the white bike!
    Anka aka the girl on the red bike from the M1 :)
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  14. All was good on my Ls...now have my Ps. Rode for the first time with them last weekend no dramas....will see how things go this weekend. Apparently red ps are a magnet for those lovely policemen...mmmm....I reckon, if I get pulled over, when I take my helmet off they might apologise ......lol...and ask me to put it back on!!! Seriously, they will see that I am a middle aged, grey hair, chubby, boring female and let me ride on!!! Heres hoping.....
    am bored at the moment hence the post....
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  15. @Anka@Anka That's good to hear -- us noobs should try to remember similar helpful behaviour when we're old hands ;)

    @caz64@caz64 Been on my Ps for nearly 3 weeks, and (though this could be sampling error) I have found a notable difference, with drivers being less wary of me, tailgating more, etc (yep, I'm still slow enough to get tailgated by some cars. Improving, but cautiously). I would like to say there can be no boring motorcycling females, but that could get me into trouble ..
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  16. I used to get tailgated on Ls....go figure...and agree there are no boring female or male motorcyclists!!!!!
  17. I've been on my L's for just over a month now and I hear a lot about looking out for cars and how bad they are etc (they are, I know, and by no means am I defending them). So far however I have experienced more uneasy or even scary moments caused by other motorcyclists...

    I usually commute around Newtown and Brigton Le Sands areas which can get pretty hectic traffic-wise. I was once stuck in traffic (not confident enough to filter nor is it legal for me) in the middle of Newtown, the street was packed, cars in front and behind me bus right next to me on left hand side and just as I thought there can't be anything worse some three guys on loud-as motorbikes wearing suits filtered what must've been like 1km of traffic right up to my tail and sides trying to shove in front of me..I must say it made me pretty uneasy... Nearly as uneasy as some random guys on sports bikes wheelie right pass me at Brighton and Rockdale..

    Thought I'd share my reflection and experience on that one. Some people should have a bit more consideration for the L platers.
  18. So I got off my L's last Sunday and rode up the same stretch of road, at the same time in similar conditions this week. And guess what? All of a sudden there was a significant reduction in the number of people trying to overtake me while I was travelling the speed limit.

    Teekay, there are bad eggs in every group of people. Don't let them spoil motorcycling for you.
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  19. Interesting reading this thread - I'm on my L and have noticed a fair few drivers hugging my rear wheel, including earlier today, where I had to open-up a little as I felt they were a danger. I'll admit there are a few bends which I go through with a little more care, as there road has potholes, with an offset camber (it might be nothing to more experienced riders, but it's something I notice), but I didn't think it was that slow that they had to ride my wheel! I really didn't think about it being because of the L, but after reading this, it makes sense!
  20. Not yet he isn't.