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Be nice to a cager time (:

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by music, May 22, 2010.

  1. Now we all know how a single bad act by a biker imprints itself upon the general cager consciousness.

    Why don't we start doing nice things for them every now and then?

    Start building a positive image so to speak. I'm not saying you should smile blandly and say "It's ok, you did your best" after a cager cuts you off and leaves you lying on the road. Just general friendly stuff that you might already do.

    Post it so others can get ideas. Post ideas you might try in the future, or good cager experiences you have had. Maybe we should start being nice to one another rather than demonizing them(cagers) as a blind bats with the spacial awareness of rocks, and the skill and finesse of trolls. Even though it's wise to act as if they are.

    I know it may require patience and such. But after all the threads of goddmanfriggincagers, perhaps a change of tone is in order.

    i.e today I filtered past a car, and without stopping I flicked shut his open fuel cap cover :D got a nice wave and gave him a thumbs up in return.

    If this thread fails, then all is lost, and our relationship as road users may well be lost :(
  2. no i hate them all.

    ok, i"ll try too be nice...if i see one with the window down i'll pat it on the head, stroke it's hair lovingly.

    or, what would you have me do?... how can i be nice to cagers?
  3. I do nice things all the time. I don't talk about them.

    They repay me by trying to kill me. Then I whinge about them.

    I still do nice things.

    Actually... everyone is individual... there is no 'us and them'...

    ...just 'idiots and non-idiots' :cheeky:
  4. I'm not
  5. I'm two of them.
  6. Being nice to (most types of) cagers can be very similar to being nice to a school bully.
  7. Actually... how about a 'whinge about a fellow biker'.

    Some asshat on a yellow shitbanger on Eastlink last night, indicated across 3 empty lanes to pass me in my lane, then indicated back again to cut off an SS ute then bugger off into the distance.

    Almost clipped my pegs.

    I was very impressed and rode home thinking how I'd love to be as cool as him.

    Alas, I only spent all weekend driving a pace car at Sandown and riding home on my superbike made me feel sad that I'll never match his awesomeness. :(
  8. I ride and I drive........
  9. I can't be nice to a cager I hate them all, so much so I punch my own mirrors when I am driving.
  10. try telling that to the families of the motorcyclist who lost their lives, or have been crippled by a cager, and they always say, sorry, didnt see him


    i am nice to the ones who pull over on the twisty roads to let a whole group of us pass, we all give them a friendly thankyou wave :)
  11. We could pat them, that seemed to work for trucks :rofl:

    But seriously, I do give them a friendly wave when they move out of my way while splitting.
  12. i wave everytime i change lanes in front of a car. even if sometimes they didnt want to let me in.

    it's the normal route i ride around the same time of day, so the theory is that if i'm polite about it, in future that same person will be even more willing to make some space for me.

    its a bit like training a dog. :)
  13. I sometimes let cages in struggling to get onto main roads or make right hand turns in traffic. They seem very shocked and appreciative.
  14. I do the same



    I've put in fuel covers, always wave them when they let me in or I force myself in, when they move over when I'm filtering and always wave them if they are about to pull and and start to, then stop when they see me (it means they'll look twice next time - I hope).

    I'm never rude or whatever to them unless they almost kill me or do something absolutely stupid.
  15. I backed into my own bike in the holden..frkn cagers!
  16. i think we've been far too tolerant of cagers for too long...

    i want an end to the greater contempt held for riders by society overall..

    wheather that be the charade of a trial for a negligent driver that allready has a forgone conclusion,
    or local businesses that re-inforce community misconceptions that we are a criminal element.
    ..or the constant and relentless harrassment from the anti-motorcycle taskforce.

    we are a minority group but we are growing fast... from memory 1 in 10 new vehicle registations last year in Vic was a bike or scooter.

    i think if you are a minority group in this red neck wonderland you are going to be taking it up the ass until you either (a)get some political strength or (b)start blowing up cagers randomly.
  17. I have been on many rides where someone comes off, and most of the time, cagers don't hesitate to pull over and lend a hand. Has been really good when the driver knows first aid or is a nurse.

    A couple of times when I have dropped the bike, it has only been a couple of minutes until someone has come out of the car, helped me get the bike up (I had to show them where to lift it up) and at the same time someone else has gotten out of their car, and asked if I was injured etc. (it was literally a standing drop).