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Be glad you dont live in Texas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Yeah i've seen those things before. There is one just like it that was released in America about 6 months ago.They have a B double engine(semi engine) in them and are basically just a Ute/SUV on Steriods. They test drove it and a 90km round trip cost them like $60 worth of petrol :LOL:
  2. Bunch of useless showoff. D*ck extensions! But hey they are americans, so why even raise an eyebrow? :?
  3. Yer great idea......raise the trays 2 metres off the ground...should be perfect for putting a bike in the back or towing a bike trailer.
  4. I did live there for 3 months, in Dallas. Man, what a place. Trucks are it over there. They even have a separate number plate system for "truck" which includes everything from Utes up. F350s are everywhere. There is one pro of such a big truck, that you could see as a con. When you sit in the daily gridlock on their 8 lane freeways, as you invariably do in Dallas, you can see above all the other cars to see how far the traffic jam extends for. So while this can be good, it can also be demoralising. Also, bigger trucks have more places to store your guns!(I'm not joking)
  5. Almost. They have been out in the states(the only place they are available from a dealer) for 18 months or so. The have a 7.2 litre (not a "b-double" engine, whatever that is) turbo diesel engine. Yes, very expensive to run. They are a complete load of shit. Why anyone needs something like that is beyond me. Another example of the US being nothing but a bunch of resourse sponges.
  6. Can you park them any where?? I think these things would not fit in any parking bays :)

    I read in a 4x4 magazine a review of the Hammer... I remember "not suitable for four wheel driving in australia as most fourwheel drive trucks are to narrow"
  7. i thought that fuel was a lot cheaper over there?
  8. Yeah i wasn't referring to that exact one. In the 'Drive' section of a newspaper up here they had a review on one very similar which DID have a B-double (same engine as those big semi-trailers you see) engine in it. I'll try and dig the article up for anyone interested!!