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Be gentle, it's my first day!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by longhorn, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. I've been lurking around the last few days just absorbing information and figured I may as well introduce myself.

    More than anything I would say I am just going to be a typical new guy who knows absolutely nothing about bikes, but I just can't resist the idea long weekend rides through the country and hills.

    Current plans are to go for my L's in a couple of weeks and then find a cheap comfy bike to learn on. Who knows where things will go from there.

    In the meantime I'll try not to make too many stupid comments and hopefully even provide some useful insights over time.
  2. welcome vista, I mean longhorn...

  3. Welcome aboard champ.

    The more stupid comments you make, the more you'll fit in :LOL:
  4. Hi,

    Welcome to the forum. Good luck when you go for your Ls!

    Where are you going to sit the test?
  5. Welcome to the boards!!!
  6. You've been lurking for a few days and still want in? :shock:

    I guess that makes you crazy enough to be a netrider - welcome! :LOL:
  7. welcome to INSANITY !!!!!!!!
  8. I'm doing the HART training out in Kilsyth, never riden a motorbike before so I figured it looked as good a place as any to start.

    Thanks for the welcoming words everyone!
  9. Welcome

    I guess it's not on to ask if you are related to Bill Gates?
    {next version of Windows, called Longhorn, geddit?}
    That aside, you will NEVER suffer from a lack of advice here, and some of it is even useful.
    You will be invited to coffee nights (surprised you haven't been already, see Events Calender).
    All you really need to know is that there are only a couple of people here you can trust, but the trick is we're not going to tell you who they are! The rest are just shameless self-promotors, avoid them!!!
    :LOL: :LOL:
    Just Kidding, of course, this is an equal opportunity board; we have a lend of everybody equally.
  10. Re: Welcome

    Why not ask if he (assuming it's a he) is related to John Holmes? :LOL:

    Hey Longhorn, I did my Ls out at HART, Kilsyth too.
    It was OK. we had different instructors on the 2nd day which was good, cos the 1st 2 werent much chop.
  11. Re: Welcome

    I wish!
    Actually it comes from my time spent at the University of Texas. As a result I own a lot of clothes with the Texas Longhorns logo.
    From there it just kind of stuck.
  12. actually that was my next guess!!
    So, (says he, prying furiously) are you an American or were you just studying there (hope you don't mind??) :roll:
  13. Born and raised in Australia, but American on my mother's side. So I get the benefits of a US citizenship.
    I was just there to study but most of the time was spent partying.
  14. Re: Welcome

    HAHA he wishes. For anyone who doesn't know what were talking about do a google search for John Holmes with safe search OFF. I won't blam you if you assume he is somehow related to a horse
  15. Dude, I think everbody knows who Johnnie Holmes is :LOL:

    For those of you that don't; which rock have you been living under? :?
  16. Johnnies left one! boom tish... :LOL:
  17. Re: Welcome

    Well I'm not one to brag, but... :wink:
  18. Welcome longhorn :D Longhorn , :-k does that mean you can BLOW your own trumpet . :p :wink:
  19. Welcome buddy
    Enjoy your stay, but be warned, the longer you stay the more like us you'll become!!!
  20. [Freaks] "One of us! One of us!" [/Freaks]