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Be careful out there!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by the mole, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. ahhh i just got sent this via email
  2. Situation awareness...zero and falling
  3. I never trust green lights, always check both ways before going through. Same for taking off after a red light.
  4. Eek.
    I didn't realise people bounched... :eek:
  5. It was nice to see the scooter rider at least moving his upper body at the end.
  6. brainless unthinking morons
  7. never trust a cager who waves you through either. always better to look for yourself.
    but specifically cagers, cannot be trusted, DO NOT TRUST THEM !
  8. I witnessed a bus run a red light once. First thing the cop said, did you see if the light was red. Well actually I didn't, but I saw the light was green for the car that got cleaned up.
  9. only once?
  10. worst part is some of them cleaned up the car stopped at the lights too, they are that brain dead they missed the change of lights AND the car stopped in front... what chance do you think these idiots have of seeing you ride down the road? :-O

    Laughed my ass off at the cop though hahahaha
  11. they don't always bounce.
    but they're in a shitload of trouble if they don't
  12. just rewatching it - how ****ing brain dead are these idiots? There are some who seem to actually notice the red light yet disregard it and speed through even when traffic has been stopped at the lights for a good 3-4 seconds? Do they think they're going to get through unscathed ? jeeeeeeeeesus. I hope the drivers in these sort of situations (the ones disregarding it completely trying to save 30 seconds) get VERY long suspensions but I very much doubt it...
  13. As long as they lower the speed limit to 20mph less at the intersections everything will be just peachy.
  14. Do drivers who run red lights nod to each other?