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Be afraid, be very afraid...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by incitatus, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. "Police advertised a tender last year for cameras that would finally be able to photograph speeding vehicles from behind in an attempt to put an end to the free ride for motorcycles, which have only rear number plates.

    But the new cameras, tested on the Mitchell Freeway on Wednesday, could also double the number of cars that are checked because the cameras supplied by one of the leading bidders can detect and photograph vehicles going in both directions.

    Cameras supplied by German company Vitronic can take speed measurements across four lanes of traffic in both directions using laser technology which is understood to have been developed for military use."

  2. Welcome to life in SA...all our cameras photo from behind the vehicle...

    only problem is that to get caught, one mast pass with out noticing it.
  3. Not true mate I've been flashed from the front in my car
  4. yer...but we are talking MCs here.

    SA cameras (the hidden car cameras) have bi-directional radars and can be used likewise depending on the road layout...You can get done on a 2 way street in either direction if you are a car - but obviously not if you are a bike approaching the camera. It will still take a photo, but only of the front of your bike. You can even get done either direction on a 4 lane road with no division (2x 2-way)...again, only if you are a car.

    places like anzac highway...the same cameras are uni-directional (since there are 3-4 lanes + median strip) and hence can only be used for uni-directional purposes. You still have to pass the camera on a bike to get a useful photo to the transport office. It is simply more efficient mechanically to focus on an object as it moves away, not as it approaches

    I think the other states are just catching up - the hoons on bikes still only have 1/2 the chance of getting busted speeding ...that is until they introduce front and back cameras on these un-marked cars. Whilst they have tested this, it was only for registration and licensing recognition purposes - not speeding.
  5. just remember which state spent 10s of millions (If I recall correctly) on speed cameras starting from the early 1990s...it was SA. Not to mention the number of red light-speed camera combos that started popping up after 2000 - we have more than any other state as far as I know. Too bad 1/2 of them were installed incorrectly and had to be replaced this yr at a cost of $$$ - cant find the number. Was F'n expensive tho.

    Most of those German green boxes have now been replaced with SA designed digital cameras that are far more sophisticated and accurate. You also don't have to wait for film to be developed anymore, they take digital photos.
  6. Hmmm wonder if they are using lasers to detect & read the plates, what a nice "mirror" finish to a plate/protector might do :-k
  7. http://www.policespeedcameras.info/speed_camera_locations.html
  8. And Victoria.

    Our camera's shoot either way as well.

    I thought WA was only 2 hours behind the rest of Australia not 10 years :rofl:
  9. What about the new point to point camera's, much like the truck cams, you pass it and it takes your photo then anywhere from 1km to say even 20km down the road another camera takes your photo as you pass it, then it works out your average speed from point to point. If over the limit fine through the mail. :cry:
  10. I thought everything went both ways in SA.... :p :LOL: :LOL:
  11. haha guys... SA - leading Australia's way :grin:

    You'd be lost without us :roll:
  12. These digital photos are then uplinked directly to Trans SA via ADSL connections to ensure speedy recepit of fines. How nice is that of them, it also elimitnates the need to goto the camera and download the photos manually.

    Also, you will find that the new white cameras are also manufactured in Germany Dougster.
  13. Well...I can only go on what was discussed with Leon Byner. My understanding was that they are designed and manufactured here in Aust. doesn't make a difference either way.
  14. Red Light camera got me on my way home from last years toy run. :(
    The $300 fine made me glad that I wasn't speeding too.
  15. I hear ya...whilst never been done myself, I still get anxious as I cross an intersection just as the lights change.

    Whilst talking SA, be careful of the one on Lower NE road and Darley Rd...sometimes on the weekend and at night the lights are on short cycle - 1 car gets through, the next 2 get flashed. Quite unforgivable for such a large, busy intersection. :evil:

    If you're interested in how they work, here's a good American version of the system. Detection is still the same, just the camera placement is different.