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Be afraid... another L-unatic on the road tomorrow!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nequam, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Yup I passed my RiderSafe learners course today.
    Had a doozy of a final test (what can I say, I'm always a stress-head in tests regardless of knowing the material!), but still managed to get through okay.
    So now it's a trip to the local Service SA tomorrow, then the serious learning commences! :moped:

  2. And in my first 24 hours of riding on my learners I've had hot sunny weather, heavy cross-wind on the highway, night-time riding to and from work, and light rain...

    Makes me glad of the previous... "practice"... I did before getting my Ls!
  3. At this rate with all that varied riding, you'll be a good rider in no time.
    What state are you in? There are learner meet ups around that are good for tips and advice.
  4. Congrats on passing your L's. It's good to get out there and practice in all conditions as God knows we all need it.

    I regularly drive from Melbourne to Murray Bridge to visit family and there's some really nice bike roads between Murray Bridge, Mt Barker, Hahndorf & Adelaide. Would love to do them on a bike one day.
  5. I hope so! I'm intending to use the bike as my primary transport as long as it's not pouring down rain, so I'll get plenty of practice.

    I'm based in South East SA. Not sure if there's any learner rides organized down here, will have to check. I'll be catching up with a few people from another forum (AS8) occasionally when they head down for McNamara Park ride days... so I'll get to pick their brains for tips. :)
  6. Cheers! No argument from me there, just going through the Rider Safe course showed me how slack I'd become in road-craft when driving the car!

    I've been along a fair few roads throughout the Adelaide hills in the car, I travel up there every couple of months for sports and visiting family. Can't wait to cruise along some of them on the bike in the summer. (y)
  7. Last month we drove from Murray Bridge to Melba Chocolates in Woodside thru Hahndorf and the amount of bikes and nice roads I saw was awesome. I wish I had my bike but will hopefully be back one day.

    Those Adelaide hills are definitely something special.
  8. Went for a quick spin this morning even though the weather is borderline miserable. I can handle wind, I can handle rain, but I really REALLY don't like both together! lol

    On the upside my gear handled it with aplomb bar the fact my jackets two external pockets aren't waterproof as I found out. :(