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BDO tix

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ksystemz, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. i just got 4 and it took me 4 hrs lol and i got work at 1130 sniff and im hungry

  2. d'oh I jumped on at 8:05 this morning and they were sold out. didn't realise they would be on sale from midnight. oh well waiting for 9am sales to open on Ticketmaster.

    update: got 2 :cool:
  3. I coudn't get any :( Ticketmaster sold out by 9.17am.

    Now i'm sad. Looks like i'm coming to melbourne.
  4. whee i got 4 x goldcoast ones this morning about 9:07.. ticketek site was getting flogged
  5. It's so crazy how fast they're selling out these days! & to think they were going to shut it down back in the 90s.. :LOL:
  6. Just goes to show, if you get the right acts the punters will flock. The limit to two per person was a great idea, at least that made it somewhat easier to buy tickets than some of the other concerts of late.

    Got our two :)
  7. Got my Syd BDO tix at 4am, went through like a breeze
  8. I heard they have 10,000 more tickets they will be releasing close to the date - maybe a day or two before Jan 25th?

    Anyway, I have mine :p
  9. sydney, melbourne and adelaide here I come

    Tehy are doing a ballet for al shows sold out.

    started last thursday, 1000 or 500 (cant remember) tix for each show until december some time