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Bdo '10

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. So I'm going. Leaving in ten or so.

    If you're not going, SCREW YOU HIPPIES!

    Peace :D
  2. pfft. no prodigy at this years bdo, no point going.
  3. I wouldn't stand in this sun to watch my top 10 favourite bands, let alone just a few that I kinda like.
  4. just saw dizzy and it pissed down. It was awesome! Lily allen sounds like a squak box! Yewww!
  5. Lineup this year is a bit meh. Bring on next year!
  6. i figured it wasnt worth paying all that money to see the two acts id actually want to see, so im not going, giving soundwave a pass this year also.

    girlfriends going... hopefully she calls when shes seeing a band i want to see :D
  7. Agreed with all reasons for not going. I didn't love the line-up. Last year living end was there so I had a reason to be excited. I like Dizzy, Muse, Calvin Harris etc. but they're far from my favourite bands.

    I'm still bummed that I missed bad religion last year.... Never comprimise on your favourite band for your missus!!!!