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bcSkiDog made it home, thanks for the fun times!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bcskidog, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Hi All,

    I am back and living reality. THanks for all your hospitality!! It was imensley appreciated. Thanks FLipper at HQ and all that gave me rides and suggestions on places to visit. I will always remember your coffee nights.

    I have been telling my friends how friendly Aussi's are and how crazy you all are.

    I did get to ride the GOR and I did hire the Harley but guess what, the full Harley experience! It broke down. THe battery went flat. Once it was running, it was okay but once it was turned off, natta, nothing. I had to buy cables at one point 'cuz the petro station didn't have any to lend, but some to buy. I managed to get in contact with Jarrah and she was able to help get the bike started. I should have got a picture of a 250cc accross jump starting a harley!

    Anyhow, the trip got altered, at one point I was only 45 minutes away from 12 apostles but had to turn around.

    SO the next morning after some difficulties of starting the bike, I drove it staight back, no stopping. Well, I missed the turn off, through the tunnel and other side I realized, I missed the turn off... and had to piss like a race horse. SO I pulled off thge M1, put down the kick stand but do you think I could find neutral so that I could keep the bike running, shit no. Had to use the kill switch, leave the bike to find a tree. I tried to start the bike but nothing. Found a pay phone and got Garner's to come and get the bike. I had enough.

    THey were pretty good. The owner gave me a 50% discount and many appologies.

    Made for an interesting ride.

    Thanks again to you all and I hope I get the chance to ride with you again, either in Australia or here in Canada!

  2. Man, that was a whole heap of bad luck...

    I won't say I told you so, because there will be PLENTY OF OTHER PEOPLE TO DO THAT!

    Glad you got home ok mate, and good to hear you enjoyed yourself over here.

    I'm sure one of us will eventually be able to claim the same deal when they're over there...

    Catchya mate.

    P.S. I told you so...
  3. bcskiWHO??? (very short term memory)

    Only kiddin Scotty, glad you made it home safe n sound :)
  4. Hey Scotty, great to see you made it home OK. A few of us had actually been asking about you and if anyone had heard from you yet. It was great to meet you and the pics from your Bon Voyage are in the Netriderpix group. I can email them if you like :)
  5. Hi Scott,

    Glad you made it back OK.

    Guess my Spada compares well to a Harley now! Sorry to hear about your troubles there.

    I am planning to visit my sister in Vancouver next year, I'll let you know how that goes.

    Good to hear from you!

  6. Glad you had fun over here - maybe we'll see you again some day.
  7. Good to hear from you again Scotty! It was great meeting up with you and all. Don't forget to bring more of the salmon *yum* when you come visit us again ;) ;) :p
  8. Hmmm, must get that passport organised....

    Glad to hear you made it home safe and had a great time over here. Will email some pics over!

  9. Hang on a sec! Did you actually see the 12 (eight) Apostles?
  10. Hey Scott!

    I wondered if you'd gotten home alright. Bloody Hardley Drivables! :LOL:

    Next time you come bring two bags, one for clothes and one for salmon and other local delights, that fish was great.

    You must be gearing up for ski season by now, hope you have fun but I'm more than happy to see some sun for the next few months. Might actually get a proper ride in too, YAY!

    Let us know what you're up too and how things are going.

  11. Glad you got home OK bummer about the Hardly Dangerous but I hope you'll remember us & the good times longer than you'll remember that!
  12. Glad to hear you got back ok. Flips right, we have all been wondering about our favourite canadian! :D Take care and come back soon. Hey, maybe we should organise a Netrider trip to Scotts' place! Who's in???? :LOL:

  13. I'm in! Who wants to pay my airfare? It's nearly Christmas.... :wink:
  14. Only if I can ride Bond all the way there!
  15. Give it a shot, you have our moral support. Don't mind the damp, that's just an ocean.
  16. Hey Scott!!

    You're welcome back anytime and feel free to bring or send friends ahead.

    Somewhere around here in my bookmarks (no idea where now) there was a website where people exchanged time on thier bikes from different countries. Can't find the link but basically it allowed you to make a contact with someone in your desired country of destination to make a deal that you could use thier bike while you're over there if they got the same chance when they come to your country. Could be a better option than paying a fortune to hire a dodgey bike.

    Anyone got the link to the site I'm talking about?
  17. I found this site which is kind of like Lonely Planet for bikers... http://horizonsunlimited.com/. There were a couple of others I found, but I think most of them were links through this site...

    :D :D :D
  18. Years ago I had to get my Gemini jump-started by a helicopter somewhere down the GOR! Didn't get a pic unfortunately.

    BC would be an awesome place to ride, but when I was there a couple of years ago there didn't seem to be many bikes on the road. At the time I figured the climate probably wasn't bike-friendly much of the time.
  19. Thanks all, some good advise there. See, if you don't ask, you just never find out!

    THe exchange of the use of a bike in another country, too cool! Hey Lil, is your Ducanti on this program???? heh heh

    IF there's pictures, ya, please send them.

    There are quite a few good rides here. The best time is july and August. Many twisties. For something simular to the GOR is the Oregon Coast, very simular but dodgey on the weather. We have squamish highway, it goes from Vancouver to Whistler. We like to call it the Squeemish hiway. Like the GOR. many deaths on the road.

    So if everyone chips in and buys a bike and hires it out like Garner's. Or maybe through Garnier's. If you can hire it for two weeks, you would have more than enough for air fare! A few of those fabulous BBQ's with a small donation. Coffee nights a sign with "sport bike rides" $10 (price negotiable depending on who's asking for the ride!) It would accumulate pretty fast. You could send a rider or two per year.

    Best to have a bike no smaller than a 600. Lots of hills here and like Australia, long distances to travel. There are so many simularities with Canada and Australia.

    Enjoy your weather! We are having a lot of rain here. There are a few bikes out there but not many. I'm off this weekend to teach some first aid to the guides at Mike Weiglies Heli Skiing operation. Most of it is classroom stuff but hopefully we'll be lucky and get to take the helicopter up to the mountains and do a few turns. (SKiing) Skiing and biking are very simular.

    Take care and please keep me in mind if you are thinking of visiting Vancouver. I can help you figure what sights to see and places to visit. I know a few places that are very reasonable to stay at too. It's the least I can do to repay how helpful you all have been. THe help, parties and phone pictures), the pillion rides (and Neil's pillion ride) the hospitality! Many stories have been repeated here amongst my friends of you guys.

    THanks again and really hope to see you guys again!

  20. Can't wait for the pictures. I got the mobile phone picture finally! ...at work.

    Get your passport going, you'd have a blast here!