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Bcomponents slow delivery.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by sieben-und-sechzig, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Has anyone had any dealings with Chris at Bcomponents in Melbourne.

    I'm waiting on delivery of goods and don't seem to be getting much help from him in resolving the problem.

    I've been pretty patient so far, but over two weeks to get goods from Melbourne to Newcastle is silly. Goods shipped 9-11-07, supposedly.

    The number he has given me is not recognised by Aussie Post and now he doesn't seem to answer the phone.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Mark.
  2. Hi...if its tyga gear your waiting for use these guys in the future.... www.rgvspares.com
  3. I've dealt with Chris before and had no issues. He is (or was) definitely not a fly by night and is to be seen at track days, race meets etc..

    I don't know the particulars in this case, but my dealings with him have been fine.
  4. Good ol Chris Burke :rofl:

    Stumpy little cry baby :LOL:
  5. I think you should explain that Vic, on it's own it's not helpful at all.
  6. Sure thing Clifford.

    Chris Burke demanded that we (Netrider) give him some space on Netrider where he could advertise his wares at no cost to him.

    We refused

    He then said that other forums do it and that we should set up a place for all retailers so they can sell their goods.

    When told that he could advertise by the way of banners, he took out a banner ad.

    When it expired, he revisited his initial demands and when we wouldn't accommodate he spat the dummy and told us where to go.
  7. Thanks for your input, people.

    I really appreciate your time.

    Your comments give me a fair idea of whom I'm dealing with now.

    At least I know that he's a fair dinkum business, even if I have to wait a long time for my parts.

    I suspect that he's ordered my goods from UK after I ordered from him.

    Time will tell.

    I'll keep you informed.

    Thanks again, Mark.
  8. The saga continues.

    It seems that Mr. Burke has engaged a solicitor so they can serve me with legal documents because Chris didn't like my comments.

    Now Chris is demanding to know my home address so his solicitor can serve me the documents that need to be signed for.

    Must be a cheap solicitor if Chris has to do all the ground work.

    Apparently they are demanding that I remove my opinion of Chris and his business from the forums.

  9. His business is obviously making too much money then!

    Any publicity is good publicity isn't it?
  10. My non-legal opinion is that you're a knob Vic.
  11. :applause:
  12. x3

    I've never had a problem with Chris. Good to deal with, and was always helpful.
  13. I had better keep you guys up to speed on my dealings.

    After four or five weeks Chris agreed to refund my money.

    It seemed as though Australia Post lost goods in transit.

    When I got my money back on my credit card I went direct through Tiga Products on the net.

    Would you believe it, three days from Thailand and still cheaper than buying in Australia, thats including the freight!

    Pipes and bodywork are now on my bike and it cooks.

    All the best.
  14. Thanks ;)
  15. Hmmm,

    I've got an order pending at the moment...

    Chris is great to talk to on the phone, doesn't reply to emails though.

    My order is now three weeks late... Will be on the blower again today.

  16. He's advertising race glass on OzSuperbikes for $800 that is on his website for $760 :?
  17. Still waiting...
  18. That's not good! :(
  19. Bcomp delivery

    I Have bought over $10,000 bucks worth of stuff from Bcomp over the last couple of years,And have had no problems ,Some delivery of a couple of things took afew weeks, but ...........What do u expect when u live in Australia and u want unobtanium(ie no one elseis selling the stuffin Aus.)To keep the price affordable sometimes its gotta come on the slow boat & or join a queue in the production line. Its the way it is :)..U can always order it from China for cheaper.just ebay it and give your 'frindlyfriend ur credit card details!!)
    Don't worry about BComp:)