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BB's New Shiny Red Toy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Betty, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. [img:425:283:379fface48]http://pawprintz.gallery.netspace.net.au/albums/Bike-Pics/sv1.thumb.jpg[/img:379fface48]

    apoligies for quality of pics but was running out of light ....... just had to take the maiden shots before entering thro' the front gate :wink: Picked it up late this arvo & took the long way home. Its fantastic! Now just need another day like today, so I can really take it out for a spin :)
  2. Looks good, enjoy!

    Is it a brand spanker?
  3. Yep - straight out of the box :grin: Took me about 5 mins to settle into it ........ I'm in luv :LOL:
  4. Sweet, looks cool as in the red.
  5. Wow thats nice BB, Im very jealous been looking at those for when i get off my restrictions. What happened to the Duc? Reckon youll have h e a p s of fun on that beast. Have to organise a ride so we can check it out. :grin:
  6. That is hot!

    Nice bike too!

  7. nice one! looks very swish. it looks like your security system and the bike are already good friends in the 3rd pic. :grin: i also have a K9 security system but as she's a blind deaf labrador i'm not sure if she's up to the task. :-k

    enjoy the toy. (pity about the utterly crap weather this coming weekend.) :cry:
  8. Nice one BB. Gotta love new toys.
  9. What a hot looking bike BB...dam theres so many good looking bikes to choose from these days :p
  10. Congratulations, D. :grin:

    It's red hot :!:
  11. Just didn't settle into the Duc - has gone to a much more appreciated home :)
    W h e n the weather improves will definately be hanging out for some mid week rides :wink:
  12. the K9 (Zoe) is great with the bike - it gets parked right next to her bed during summer :wink:
    The weathers looking crap all next week too ...... can see some time being spent just sitting on the bike whilst still parked in the garage :?
  13. Very swish indeed.
    Not sure who is more excited about the new toy.
    You or Zoe :LOL:

    Can almost here the broom broom noises from here
    that may be happening as you sit in your garage :p

  14. Nice bike. You must be really in luv and impressed too.
  15. Don't forget the broom broom noises. :grin:
    Congrants on the new toy. Looking luverly and shiny.
  16. there is a glimmer of hope for tuesday, i'll be posting up a ride event if the BoM keeps the forecast at 'fine apart from morning fog.'
  17. Look forward to meeting up with Rosalina for a spin one sunny arvo soon :)
  18. Likewise...
  19. Yum, I like it, nice one BB :applause: . You're really into V-twins eh? Can't blame you, they produce some nice thumpy music. I didn't know SV650 looks that good when scantily clad :twisted: :)
  20. Yep very nice choice D, definately a good bike to ride

    You have fun with your new machine and look out for those 4wd's with trailers :wink: