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BB08 . . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. . . .. hellooooo Bridget !! :grin:

    Is it just me or is Kyle taking up 80% of my widescreen TV ????

  2. micky, that's terrible.
    you watch this stuff?
    out of 10, please score the boobs, and i may change the channel.
  3. 8/10 Joel
  4. If her tits arent the biggest ugliest things ive ever seen, i dont know what is..... geesus christ!!! :shock:

    They go up to her neck and make her look huge...
    Sure nice big tits are hot, but those are ridiculous....

    Hahahaha how about Saxon... did you see his face when the ladies walked in??? hahahahaha that was gold
  5. :mad:
    now i have to look :(
  6. What about that 1m tall belly-dancing dwarf, Rima. You wanna rheem-her huh? 8-[

    Sick bastard :rofl:


    Dirty bastard.

    He had that grin for each girl that walked in :LOL:
  7. phwoooaaaar!
    dark hair, enormous breasts!!!1@!
    peroxide hair, gravity defying large ones!!!
    tomboygirl, to be assessed
    indigenous lady, err, well rounded?
    old duck, WTF is she doing there?
  8. Me too. :LOL:
  9. Rebecca wins the Boob-off
  10. is she the "pink shorts on the beach" boobs?
  11. Lingerie wearing barmaid. Just entering the house now
  12. win by default! :LOL:
  13. ^^^ Agree :LOL:
  14. Apparently there's a late night "naughty" edition to be shown once a week. Seriously, why bother with the rest of it? The only reason I'd watch is if they have live shows - there's always the chance that someone might assassinate Kyle Sandilands and I'd pay to see that.
  15. if you guys could just post some pics and sum up who got the boob's, butt, and overall package all in this thread it would be greatly appreciated.

    please don't nominate anyone without pics :worthlesspics: :LOL:
  16. You take that back!!!!! :LOL:
  17. http://www.bigbrother.com.au/housemates.htm


    May I draw your attention to Rebecca and Brigitte.


    occupation:Skimpy Waitress

    Whereas Brigitte:


    One word can make a world of difference!
  18. My god,

    I just clicked the link i nthe last post out of curiosity.

    After2 seconds of looking at the housemates, I want to punch all of them.

    Brigitte and Rebecca in the ass and the rest in the face.

    Fu$k me they all look like complete and utter wankers.

    Im deleting channel 10 from my TV on principal.
  19. I really hope I don't have to see/hear that guy with the high pitched voice ever again. I saw the ad with him astride his invisible horse and I think I will need to see a therapist for a while to help erase that image. A pansyer man there never was.


  20. His best mate is his mirror. And a box of tissues.