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BB07 - Kids say what?!?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. just arrived home from darts, not really caring who won, not even knowing names etc.
    for the benefit of those that dont know, i am joel, courto is my 7yo daughter.

    Joel - sooooo, who won big bruvva?
    Courto - aleisha, of course dad.
    Joel - what do you mean "of course"??
    Courto - well dad, the Zac is gay, he cant win.

    Now, i have a relatively* normal home. We dont talk about sexuality a great deal....she's seven for jeebus sake. i didnt even know she knew the difference :?
    i admit, i was taken aback by her comment, because how could she have formed an opinion like this at the age of seven?
    the young bloke didnt give a rats rectum, just wanted a pack of chips :LOL:
    whats doing with these kids? advice please parents :\

    *well, its normal to us, and i am not a homophobe. each to their own i say :)
  2. i read 2 very surprizing articles about this kind of thing

    a mother who was a full time surgeon, with stay at home hubby had 2 young kids. aunty was a surgeon, sister was a lawyer and hubbies had menial jobs acept for 1 who was a nurse.

    when playing drs and nures the 4 yr old kids decided to make the girl the nurse and the male the dr.

    now, these kids were FOUR! where did they get that message from?

    its everywhere joel and not just in the telly. its in the sub consious of those she meets who never speak a word but the child picks up on it.

    2nd article

    2 parents who were drs decided to fight nature and give their daughter the xmas pressent for their son and vice versa.

    the daughter unwrapped 4 tonka trucks. she named them 'mummy, daddy, sally, and ryan'.

    the son opened 2 barbie dolls.

    he dressed the dolls, then he picked up 1 doll, bent its legs, pointed it at his parents like a gun and said 'bang bang'.


    barby. truck
  3. i've only been a parent for 7ish years, and it was sorta kinda frightening in a way. you think you can mould them to be a perfect accepting human being....but you can only control so much :(
  4. Beat them.

    Wait, is that for dogs? Or children?

    I always get it mixed up.
  5. A seven year old watching big brother :shock: why would anybody let there kids watch absolute crap :cool:
  6. what do you suggest z900? wiggles? alice in wonderland? fcuken simpsons???
    southpark?!? 7pm news??? 4 corners? Dora the explorer?? anything on the idiot-box is crap. FMD, i wont shelter my kids, i give them the freedom of exposure to learn to evaluate the crap from the good stuff. does it always work? clearly not. but i am not going to censor them from g-rated TV for the sake of looking good for no crunt. i plan on building a child in the real world where things die, things live and they can learn to make educated decisions as to whats worth their focus. last thing i will have is a child that thinks that milk and eggs come from the local supermarket. expose them to life and speak to them about what they get from it, shit tv included. baby them forever and they will be just that....an underdeveloped naive victim of a society that will walk all over them. fcuk that....
    sure, chainsaw massacre wouldnt be appropriate, but BB is by no means IMO detrimental to their well being.
    it is actually a good thing, i think. i had an opportunity to explain that somebody that is gay is just that....somebody.
    no child of mine will live under a dictatorship ;)

  7. If that is the case joel, then you have done your job and your 7 year old daughter got it exactly right. By the creed above, she is spot on when she says he can't win because he is gay, and she was able to work it out by age 7. It has less to do with homophobia than you think, and is more the simple math of it all.

    Are you able to place context on what she said? Did you have her explain it? If she said it with the intention of "he can't win because he is gay and that means he is bad so everyone will hate him" then fair enough, she needs you to explain it. But if she said "he can't win because he is gay and there are more christians that vote than homosexuals" then she would be spot on. She would also be correct in saying "he can't win because he is gay and there are more teenage females that vote than homosexuals" then she again would probably be correct.

    I know that sounds a bit strange but you would be amazed at what kids can be talking about these days. With the numbers of homosexuals in the community it would be not uncommon for any one of your daughters friends to have a homosexual sibling or relative. That friend overhears the grownup conversation relating to big brother, and because kids are big brother mad the information and the reasoning is soaked up by the eager little ears. It is then taken to school and while arguing over lunch the friend shares the opinion with your daughter. It's rather harmless until your daughter understands the implications of the intent of that opinion.

    So if said friend has said my big brother says zac can't win because he is gay and people hate him, then you need to explain it to your daughter however your view permits. If you think its bad then I guess you let her carry on. But if you dont have a problem with it, explain to her why the majority of people don't have a problem with it, and she then has a sound base to work on from which she can form her own opinions further down the track.

    I guess what im ranting about is now that she has been exposed to it anyway be it through the media or schoolyard natter, now that you are aware that she has some knowledge of the issue, simply by making sure she has accurate information, she won't be another naive drone.

    Good luck with it.
  8. Cos I'd prefer other peoples kids to be inside watching big brother at that time of night and not outside spraying grafitti on my fence.

    Kid is hard to wipe off of aluminium bat.
  9. i suspect she heard an older kid say it either on the telly or at the shops and thought she would impress daddy if she said something an older kid would say regardless of content.
  10. Did she really call him "The Zac"??? I'd be more worried about that...

    Mate I reckon your daughters fine, but I think VTRAffair is right, and you should have a quick chat to her just to make sure she (and you) understands what she's saying...
  11. You don't think she picked it up from the fact that he's spent the last 16 weeks winging that he won't win because he's Gay.

    Interestingly though I think any problem I would have towards Zak would be because he's been on that pile of excrement rather than because if his orientation.
  12. I wouldn't let my kids watch it but then again they don't watch The Simpsons. Mean parents? Not really - when eldest (7.5 yo) watches The Simpsons, he mimics Bart. We were told by his teacher that he'd do it in class so along with a few PS2 games that he can't play without cracking the shits, the Simpsons is out. Given his propensity to mimic, I wouldn't let him within a yard of Big Brother.
    I wouldn't say other parents should follow suit as I'm sure they can gauge their childrens reactions to such a show and therefore should make the decision.
  13. At least she didn't say he was a "f@g".
  14. you paid attention to that show for the past 16 weeks? :shock:

    i didn't even know it was on. but kids pick up lots of stuff from lots of places, who's to know where she got it from, maybe not even the show.
  15. No but my wife did. I picked it up from 16 weeks deliberately trying not to pay attention.
  16. was meant to write "the boy called zac" :oops:
  17. Aah, tried in vain then. I actually realised earlier I've had no idea the show was even on....I missed the whole damn thing! (lucky for me :p)
  18. Did she mean it in a sexually oriented way Joel?

    At the moment, gay here means lame :shrug:
  19. I'd have to disagree on that on the pure fact that the christian churches I have attended all outlaw BB as just smut and the majority of the congregation are against it (or at least they say they are).

    there was even a debat about it at my fiances church.

    I reckon it has alot to do with homophobia. not saying that all people that voted for the girl are homophobes but there would be a underlying thing there i think. most people would rather see a bright bubbly girl win, than a birght bubbly bloke.

    I could be way off here i dunno.
  20. Tried that with my 4yo a few times now bud. Did no good.



    He still points at certain races & calls them the N-word. Not sure where the
    boy got such disgusting language from.

    & watching Big Brother last night, my girl whos supposed to setting an
    example to your youngers brother comes out & called Zach a f*ggot.
    God knows where she got such disgusting language from either.

    His mother is at her wits end. dash1.

    Back in my day, we'd get sent to the Principals office for a belting &
    mothers would break off a branch from the backyard tree & come back
    inside with it.

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