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BB06 . . . *yawn*

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Well at least that stupid Hotdogz idiot is off the air late at night ! :LOL:

  2. Was watching CH10 all afternoon and didnt see one promo for it. Maybe they even think it's a yawn.
  3. Did u see the tits on that hot girl !!!!
  4. Full of skanks and bimbos.
    Both male and female
  5. BB O6

    I would rather masturbate with a cheese grater than watch that sh*t,dont the people who watch that crap have lives?Well,self answering question really.
  6. If it was truly reality TV , you'd just sneak cameras into someones house
    and not tell them
  7. The only consolation I can draw from the assembly of people they have is that they are following a narrow rule for who to pick. There is no way that everyone from the 20-25 year old age bracket can be that shallow and big-headed. Since when is lying and manipulating to get your own way a desirable trait?
  8. Well stated, Gavin, my sentiments exactly.
  9. Gavin ? :?

  10. as we talked about at lunch today, i download alot of tv programs with out adds, things like stargate, battlestar, stargate atlantis, prison break.

    ive started putting these all on Long Play VCR tape so i can watch stargate for around 3 days straight.. im up to episode 19 of prison break....... and they STILL havent broken out, its pissing me off.

    yeah id probably fit in at 1 of eswens geek nights.

    as for boobs.... well i can down load that too, but lets not go there.
  11. I was watching and thinking that they were all crap, until Anna walked out. Wow! (She almost fell out of her top on the way up the ramp. Almost.)

    At least they've got 1 hot chick. I will watch it just for her I think. Can't wait for the uncuts!

    Yes, I am that sad.

    (Anyone else pick that the mum and daughter both had their boobs done at the same time?)
  12. Re: BB O6

    Quick, someone get that man a cheese grater! :grin:

    Was pretty boring really. As per other years, the start was pre-recorded yesterday, and it will all start to settle in in a few weeks time.

    Good to see that they have started to make $ off the SMS early this year!

  13. Model citizen

    I was forced to endure it for 10 mins at a mates joint,they where doing the blurb on one of the girls,she worked as a night club host or some such crap,nightclubs being shining beacons of the moral fabric and values of society,she said I will basically lie and cheat to get what I want,I have cheated on my last,no,all my partners,I will pretty much do anything to get the cash,my motto in life is"live fast-party hard-die young and leave a beautiful corpse".
    What a f n doorknob,perfect candidate for Darwin awards,so here you have a model citizen thats being beemed out to all the vulnerable impressionable 10-22plus year ols,or whatever the hell the target audience demographic of dunderheads is that channel 10 is aiming at.Another well adjusted individual.
  14. Ahh, Big Brother and Australial Idol at the same time, awesome.

    Good thing the racing season is on, F1, MotoGP, Futurama and Family Guy are the only shows I watch :)
  15. ahhh big brother is watching :wink: more boobs please :LOL: :LOL:
  16. flat out chapel street hero's on there this year, i won't be watching..

    well, maybe the uncut one, theres alot of talent :D
  17. There was a great doco on the tribes of the Amazon jungle on another channel at the same time as BB. The thing I Iove about BB is it only consumes 4 hours of TV time per day on Ten. By the time they do the promos, the updates, the ads, the main show, the recap show, the titties show etc etc. Bah, maybe I'm outside the demographic of the show or something but whenever I'm forced to watch it I can see how our society is coming to a pre-mature end.
  18. hot babes
  19. there were some hot babes...
    though the only time i be watching will be uncut....
  20. Tag team death match

    I reckon we put all the Australian idol fans and contestants, in the same audience as the all the Big Brother fans and contestants,(serious overlap there I realise),put all the contestants in the one house,and say to them "a million bucks to the first person who spells the word humble,and portray its value,s for an entire week,wins the million bananas. :bannanabutt: "
    Now that I would watch,be like pulling teeth pain wise,and about as likely to happen as me applying to be on big brother,but I would endure it just for the implausibilty of it all,really mess with Channel 10 exec,s melons,as the audience gets more and more pissed of as the days go by and chants eventually for he/she,s blood,specially if there was a "diplomatic immunity card" that no one knew about.