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Bayliss V8 debut

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by termis, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. So I wonder if he's going to be at PI in a few weekends...


    If Bayliss is confirmed to drive, it might just push me to head there for the event... (at least for the sprint races on Saturday). Plus and Aussie superbike round. Doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a day. :)

    Anyone hear anything more/recent than what the above link has to say?

  2. Bayliss has done what, 2 tests? with two teams. What were his times like and was it in traffic or out on the track by himself?

    As much as I'd love to see him mix it with the locals he really needs to get some races under his belt in the Fujitsu series before seriously considering a gig in the senior class.

    But then he does have his eye on Bathurst, once renowned for the once a year drivers who invariably caused more issues than what could be considered necessary. And with Bathurst a round of the championship I'd suggest that it'd be a brave driver to have a newbie co-driving with him.
  3. Does he have the CAMS "Super licence" required to run a V8Supercar??
  4. Probably not
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  6. It's fine to drive a race car around a race track in testing but the big test will be when he gets into traffic and PI & Bathurst are not places for rookies to learn their craft.

    Don't get me wrong as I wish him well and it's great to once again see someone follow Hansford, Crosbie & Gardner into 4 wheel racing but by throwing him in at the deep end might not be the best approach.
  7. Australian V8's is hardly the deep end of motor racing. They changed the rules years ago so that drivers with real talent couldn't come out to Bathurst each year and beat them anymore. The 3 guys you mentioned (its Crosby BTW) each made the transition easily, as would any successfull bike racer IMHO. I could name you 5 over 50yo ex bike racers right now that I think would still give the current crop of "Supercar Superstars" :jerk: a good run, and one of them is even in a wheelchair. :grin:
  8. The point I'm trying to make is that you don't want to debut at PI or Bathurst with zero 4 wheel racing miles under your belt.

    I thought they had a licencing system which prevented newbies appearing from no where, under the CAMS system you have to undertake an observation session to determine if you can drive. You are on P Plates and closely observed by the Clerk of Course for your first 6 race meetings and then you get your full basic licence.

    You then have to be observed by the stewards at several other events to get the endorsment to get your licence upgraded to the level required to race a V8Supercar.

    But then again if having him run encourages a couple of admission paying bike fans to go for a look then who am I to question the system :wink:
  9. The Dean Fiore car is hardly what you would call a front running car.
    In fact it spends most of its time down the back of the grid, and most times this year the car has been plain white and devoid of sponsorship.

    The inclusion of Troy Bayliss has brought along some sponsorship, but any talent Troy has on four wheels is hardly likely to be shown in the car he is lined up to drive in.

    Personally, I think he would have been better off to wait for the offer of a better drive if he wants to pursue a four wheel career, or is he just after the satisfaction of saying, been there, done that, in which case any car will do..
  10. I'm amazed the Troy would let his name and his talent be prostituted in a nothing team like Fiore's. Surely he could do better than that???

    What arrant nonsense.

    There's nothing stopping the Euros from coming out and racing in equal machinery. In fact, a lot of them do, and they get HOSED by the locals every year. Of course the advent of Formula Bogan in place of the "proper" race cars of the Group A era has made it less attractive to them, but they're not being STOPPED from racing here.
  11. Troy didn't have the best of weekends at Phillip Island.

    His teammate was excluded from his qualifying session, Troy qualified last in his qualifying session (1 sec. behind the next guy) and the car failed to complete one lap in the main race of the day.
    In the sprint race on the Saturday, Troy came 29th out of 32 cars.

    I wonder if he is looking forward to Bathurst or not.
  12. Yes I should have added "stopped them from coming out in their own cars and beating them", but I thought you would get my drift.
  13. True that, I was living deep in the middle of bogan territory in 1985. Ipswich, Qld, where everyone's blood is Ford blue. You shoulda heard them squeal when the Jaguar won!! Worth the price of admission, it was!! :LOL:
  14. How utterly irellevant is taxi racing when Ford and Holden combined couldn't equal Toyota's sales figures for the June quarter???
  15. In general, you should have said...

    The cars are not production models. They are built on a spit around an authorised roll cage. They run engines that haven't been in production models in terms of configuration and capacity for nearly 12 years now. They don't have IRS. They run gearboxes and other components that are race designed (but that may be necessary as the road going versions may not be up to the task).

    Then there are the rules. Compulsory pit-stops for tyres and fuel for races that could go without them if they wanted. Pace cars at the drop of a hat, ridiculous point scoring systems that reward incompetence (last place gets points), different points for different races and a stupid 40 km/h pit-lane limit.

    The KISS principle of Australian "touring cars" is well and truly dead. But it drags the bogans in, so they claim, so they think that what they're doing is OK.
  16. You'd rather see Corollas and Camrys race?
  17. Silhouette cars that bear no resemblance to real cars, like the current formula is, yeah, why not??
  18. V8's or F1?
  19. "to the real cars" :roll:
  20. But that's what F1 is, Formula Racing for purpose built "racing" cars, they are not supposed to resemble real cars. :roll:

    Have another go.