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Bayliss testing at the Island....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brokey, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. From the MotoGP site
    Does anyone have and ideas as to what days? Last year there were about 6 or so teams testing at the same time. Was a good couple of days.

  2. I received an email from Aus Superbike school hinting that he might be out and about the next ride day(from memory) so it might be this weekend.
  3. The track will more than likely be closed off when they are testing (was last year) so dunno if he will be there on that actual day of the school....would be good to get a hint as to who and what teams will be there....
  4. There is international team testing this coming Fri (17/2), Sat (18/2), and Sun (19/02) and the times are about 9am - 5pm each day.

    I have no idea if Bayliss will be there, however I will be track-side on the Saturday (working for the ambulance service has some perks :wink: ). If you contact the track (5952 2710 or info@phillipislandcircuit.com.au) they might be happy to divulge some particulars maybe?? I know nothing except that there is international team testing on these days and can't find out anything more from my end.

    If nobody makes it down there, I'll post a msg of who was there etc.

  5. Is it possible to get onto the track?? or should I bring binoculars?? :wink:
  6. There are areas where you can view from the fence line as well as on the grassy area at the cafe/museum but yo have to pay to go through.
  7. There is definently MotoGP testing down at the Island, but according to the Chief Medical Officer its a "secret" team, so your gues is as good as mine :roll:
    I have the option to go down on all days....haven't decided which yet..the perks of working for Team Medical that is providing the on track medical support :wink:
    Will see you at the track Jase, look for a red haired medical chick :D
  8. Might pop down myself on Saturday time allowing and presuming you won't need binoculars.

    At worst it'll be a nice drive.
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  10. Yeah I'll look out for you. I have been on the Med Team now and again over the last few years so our paths may have crossed before.
  11. Could be worth a trip down :shock: :D

    Looks like it might be an enjoyable day there tomorrow..

    An even better day...
  12. Take your binoculars voodsy.
    I could of been there with the recovery/ marshal team but I gotta work all weekend :cry: But might rort my contacts to godown on friday to have a look infield :wink:
  13. Okj..looks like I'll be heading down the island tomorrow with my binoculars.

  14. Oh yeah, managed to watch ~2.5 hrs of testing today. Thx to a guy who brought his flat bed truck. Gave me about a half metre clearance to look over the fence and the binoculars helped.

    Didn't get to see rossi ractice tho, but saw his new M1 (black) by the pits and the man himself. Other i saw, include Hayden, Xaus and Edwards.

    Apparently, the guided tours around the circuit arre still happening whilst the testing sessions are going. Could be worth your money here. :wink:
  15. Must have been a pretty good day there.

    Have they replaced the material covering the fence?
  16. Yeah they did..although it's see-through-ish.

    I you're gonna go, bring your ute/4wd to stand up on :wink:
  17. That report is a few days old and was done after testing at Sepang. A more up to date news feature (http://snipurl.com/cteb) shows that his attitude has mellowed a bit
  18. I went down to PI and watched the boys test their machines. First i watched over the fence, then i went and hooked up with the tour group for only $12. Got to see most of the riders including Rossi, Hayden, Bayliss, Biaggi, Edwards, Barros...

    It was a good day, weather held up nicely and i got a few waves and wheelies from Rossi, Hayden and some other guy i cant recall. Just before i left there was a heated battle between team mates Hayden and Biaggi.

    P.S. Barros was ripping out there on the track...and also someone broke capparossi's track record, forget who.