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Bayliss, Lavilla & WSB

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nearlyempty, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Ducati remain convinced that MotoGP man Troy Bayliss is the answer to all their problems and they are going all out to sign him for 2006.
    After a tough 2005 season, Ducati are desperate to fight for the title again in 2006. Ciabatti said: “I think Troy is hungry for race wins. He knows that he will not be racing for many more years. I know that he wants to prove himself in MotoGP, but he doesn’t have the opportunity to be top five every weekend and he doesn’t like being the worst Honda alongside Makoto Tamada.
    “He is not the type of rider that wants to take the money and not be competitive. I think he would rather come back to a championship where he has enjoyed a lot of success.”

    The question is, who would he partner, Toseland or Laconi?
    (My bet is Toseland - he's young, talented & will have something to prove next year.)

    GREGORIO LAVILLA and Leon Haslam could be back in World Superbikes next season on factory Ducatis.
    In an unprecedented move, their Airwaves Ducati squad will be offered identical bikes to the official factory squad if they return to the world stage in 2006. Ducati WSB boss Paolo Ciabatti said: “If we can reach an agreement, then we would give them the same bikes as the factory team.
    “We want it to happen so that we have four strong Ducatis on the grid..."
    If the Airwaves squad fail to reach an agreement over a move to WSB, then Lavilla could find himself linking up with Neil Hodgson in Ducati’s American superbike team.
    Having been unemployed at the start of the season, Lavilla is now one of the hottest properties in superbike racing, having come from obscurity to lead the BSB championship.
    Ciabatti added: “He is a rider that has proved to be very fast on a 999 and we will find a solution for him to stay on a Ducati in 2006.
    “I think that from Gregorio’s point of view he has some unfinished business in World Superbikes and he aims to be on a competitive bike in this championship. “Gregorio would be one of my options for the factory team..."
  2. I heard that Bayliss is being pursued by MV Agusta that are rumoured to be rejoining the WSBK next year. Unfortunately, can't get this substantiated nor whether MV will actaully be on the grid but with a different rider.
  3. Bayliss back to Ducati??? After they shafted him in the GP team??? Seems bizzare to me. I mean I know it'd be great for them, but he's gotta be thinking twice after the way they treated him last time.

    Laconi is on a short tenure at Ducati imho. He crashes way too often, and, even when he does do well, he doesn't do it often enough. Actually, I'm not that impressed with Toseland's credentials either. I think he was champion by default last year.
  4. Ah, but that was GP's. Bayliss still gets on well with the WSB team and to be honest, if he wants to win he needs a competitive ride. WSB on a factory Ducati looks like his only option at the moment.

    Yeah, Laconi is fast, but he gets a bit... emotional and crashes. Great character though, but I reckon that Toseland has the edge out of the two. Whether Toseland can win the championship 'properly' (a little unfair, after all a champion is a champion) remains to be seen, but I think he deserves another shot. He has time on his side and has, I believe, the potential. He has that aggressiveness that is needed to run at the front & let's face it, the Ducati has struggled against the 4's this year.
  5. And are likely to struggle even more next year as the Japanese factories get into tiop gear and support the WSBK even more than they are doing through their "back door" works teams.

    In the end, the gain that can be achieved out of a twin compared to a 4 is not that great and the Ducati engine is arguably at or near the end of its life cycle.

    Ducati has already announced that it will no longer be supplying factory replicas to private teams so that could indicate a lack of confidence in light of the Japanese onslaught also.
  6. I heard somewhere that Ducati are developing a 1200 in the hope that they can push through a rule change to allow larger capacity twins.
    Hang on I've got a great idea, why don't they just reduce the 4's to say, a maximum of 750cc's!
  7. And then let the Ducatis run the 1200cc motor???

    Yeh, why not, after all the consortium that runs WSBK is Italian and has framed the rules to favour the Ducatis from Day 1.

    On a technical note, I have a feeling that the reciprocal mass of a 1200cc V-Twin could be so great that it might end up being a backward step anyway.