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Baw Baw 24 Jan 2009

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deadman, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. I am going to Baw Baw tomorrow 24th Jan, Two up, Via Yarra Junction and Noojee, any one interested in going along, your quite welcome to join us,

    Leaving the York on Lilydale at 10-30 am sharp.

    CNR Swansea Rd and York Rd, Lilydale,
    Meet in car park,

    I ride a silver 1100XX Blackbird with 12 inch risers,
    Stopping at the tool shed in Noojee for a break, both ways,

    It wont be a fast run, So inexperienced can also ride with us,
    Mountain twisties a lot of the way, Noojee to Baw Baw, excellent roads all the way.
    About 150 klms. round trip.
    Cheers Brian.

  2. Damn, I would join you Brian, but I have plans for tomorrow. Enjoy the ride.
  3. What's the fire situation up that way?

    Have a great ride, Baw-Baw is an awesome ride.
  4. Has been total fire bans all week, I went Eildon on Tuesday, 42 celcius and a stinking hot wind.

    Tomorrow it will be 26 degrees, so it should be a good ride, weather wise,

    If it has fires up there, the ride will be cancelled,

    As there is no way out.

    Hows the rain up there,

  5. Put this way, there ain't no fire bans!
  6. hi brian,

    Dan and I will prob join you for this one.

    see you in the morn
  7. Piccys of our Baw Baw trip.
    Thanks to Daniel, Mathew, Luke, and Sue for a top day.
    Started off, It looked like rain. but it fired up to be an excellent day.
    A learner, on his 250 fronted up, Mathew, very concerned that he would hold us up.
    After explaining to him, that we were all learners once, and I would tell him where we would wait for him in stages on the way, he brightened up and thoroughly enjoyed himself, I told him to just to putt along at his own pace. I only had to wait for him once at a turn off, He did quite well.
    and he was not far behind any way.The run to Noojee was a blast, Dinner at The Toolshed and a drink, and we were on our way again, Noojee to Baw Baw was a blast, not many cars, Reasonable roads all the way, they had some bands on the top of the mountain, they wanted $5-00 to get in, we told them to stick it, as we were only Half a mile from the top, Pulled into a carpark and had a break, took some piccys and then back to the tool shed for another drink, Sue buried her nose into the back of my helmet. when this idiot in a car was on my side of the road and he was not going to move over for me. and I hit the skids hard, I was not going to go over the edge for this imbecile. after the toolshed, we went back to Yarra Junction and said goodbye as we were all going in different directions, all in all a top day and an excellent ride, 240 klms round trip.
    You rode well Mathew, Take your time and you will get there,