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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Factory, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Such a talented rider on a rocket of a bike but, how does he blink and breath at the same time?

    All he had to do was stay up Simoncellis exhaust onto the front straight and he would have won by 2 bike lengths but......yet again.

    If you were paying his bills you would be furious.

  2. We agree on something! how remarkable.
    you're still a :censored: head though.
  3. Maybe so but I don't need tough stickers to prove it. :p
  4. That's because you are far from tough.
    The stickers are there to fool idiots like you.
  5. Well guess what bully boy.....I aint fooled!
  6. :LOL: you guys...
  7. 'sorright rob. there is a small history in all this. the silly duffer forgets what club he's talking about ;)
  8. What a move though on turn 11... I swear those guys were rubbing wheels. There and at Siberia. Bad strategy maybe but insane to watch.

    And there's Stoner in the press conference day 1 talking about how control tyres haven't helped 250GP produce closer racing...
  9. bugger control tyres
  10. He should know how to ride the slip, at turn 12.
  11. Well this little guy, youngest grand son, slept all through it down at turn 11.


  12. Try and talk some sense sticker man or do not bother.
    There is no history.
  13. You are absolutely right VC, my mistake entirely. :)
    I may just ask vic to change my login to "Stickerman", I like it!
  14. You blokes shouldn't be so hard on Joel. As a small child, he liked nothing better than to roll around in a wet comic book. Unfortunately, one day the wind changed direction, and he was stuck with the ink. Cut him some slack.
  15. Yer a f*cken pissa Rog.
  16. Trying my hardest.
  17. :rofl:

    I actually thought it was because, as I am a toaster, people kept putting the tip-top too close.
  18. "stickerman" got 14500 google hits!!! LMAO!

    Joel, you're famous. :grin:
  19. Prostate issues?