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Baulkham Hills to Sydney CBD - commute time?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by hills_newbie, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. First of all, a big "Hello" to all members on Netrider. I have to say, its a blessing to have Netrider around - so much information and very helpful members. Kudos to all contributors! =D>

    I will be a new Hills resident during mid May 2011 - staying at Baulkham Hills. At the same time, I will be a new motorbike rider on Sydney's roads (gulp!!). I'm not new to riding ofcourse, as I have been riding overseas for around 7-8 years.

    Here comes the queries:
    1. My initial research confirms that I will need a road bike for daily commute to the city. I will be looking at to buy a motorbike for something below $5000. Initial thoughts are Yamaha Virago cruiser or maybe a Kawasaki Ninja bike with low kms. Any suggestions/comments please?
    2. Is anyone here commuting to the city using your motorbike? Is it relatively safe? 8-[ How long does it take to reach the city? Are there enough parking spots?
    3. Should I consider other travelling options to the city instead?

    Any comments/suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Those two bikes you've picked as your favs are the exact same I thought I likes. They have very different seating positions so your choice will be made up by sitting on them and seeing if you feel more comfortable with your legs forward or under you.

    I do not currently commute right into the city. I commute to near it but will start working in the city shortly. My research tells me that there are not enough parks and if you want one you have to be there early. You can also expect to be parked in by scooters who park in the space you need to upright your bike to take off. Unfortunately, I am fully expecting scratches to my bike in the city and a constant battle with finding a spot. At least it's better than a car and I'm hoping still better than a bus/train packed full of smelly people.

    Is it safe? Erm, you mean in terms of will someone steal it or knock it over or will some taxi driver run you off the road? Perhaps. There's no guarantee. It's worth the risk if you ask me but really that's a question you have to answer yourself.
  3. Hi djay,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Yes it makes more sense to get a feel of either bikes firsthand to help make a decision. Regarding the 'Is it safe?' query, I kind of knew what to expect as answers, but I just wanted a feel of what everyone experienced out there.

    When you mean travelling close to the city, would you mind sharing the location and the time you take to get there? I assume you are travelling from Baulkham Hills or close? I'm currently exploring the parking locations around the cbd, will let you know which ones are the 'light' parking areas if I find any.

  4. i've only had to ride into the city 2-3 times, and even then not right into the heart of the CBD.

    There are stackloads of parking spaces near central railway station, Chippendale and the like.. even as far as Sydney Uni if you wanted to. I think motorbike parking on the grassy area near the Veterinary Science building is free?

    I actually quite like the ride in, even in peakhour... maybe that's because its 10x less stressful than being in a car, and you get there MUCH faster than public transport.
  5. No, I'm no where near Baulkham hills sorry. My current commute takes me past Central and out again to Redfern.

    The last time I tried to park my bike in the heart of the CBD I ended up parking on the footpath because all the bike parks were jam packed and then some. The ones that had tried to squeeze their bikes at the edges all had parking tickets. This was down the Circular Quay end of George st in the afternoon.
  6. nicko,

    Its reassuring to hear to enjoy the peak hour. Thks for the parking tips, I'm doing my research atm and kinda agree with djay - its jam packed unless maybe if you get in early. Still looking around for a good spot to park when I start riding in. Hmm... veterinary science building space - I'll check if this is close to where I am - thanks for that.

    So did you end up with a parking ticket for parking on the footpath?

  7. park up near central/chippendale/sydney uni and catch a 5 min bus in would be what I would do, I hate parking shitfights.
  8. Nah I didnt get a ticket luckily. I've no doubt that had a parking inspector come along I would have though. I wasn't there too long.

    I hadn't thought of using that free city bus nicko. That could be a pretty good comprimise between full public transport and parking nightmares.
  9. Get on the 610 bus mate. Save your money and time and go to sleep on someone's shoulder on the way into work instead.
  10. If your in the hills you'll be taking the m2 so yeh I agree with quarter and take the bus.. I took the bike yesterday and boy it was horrible, i thought the traffic would be better due to school holidays but i was wrong! You'll be up for around $15 per day in tolls, plus fuel and you can't use the bus lane so youve got to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for around 45 mins with cops watching you like a hawk. Free parking in the city, but watch out for ones that turn into clearways in the afternoon. get it wrong and your up for minimum $400. I learnt the hard way with the cops and the clearway.
  11. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    Quarterwit & UDLOSE - Reading your comments, I'm half inclined to catch the bus... only thing that holds me back is that during high traffic times, I could end up getting to work late or back home late to picks up kids from daycare. I'm hoping that by riding to and fro, I atleast have the flexibility with time and that I can weave in and out of traffic better than a car?

    nicko, thanks for the parking tip again, didn't know it was a free ride to the city from Sydney uni? I noticed a couple of spots on Pitt st in the CBD too.
  12. Agghh the M2/Parking in the city combo, factor into your budget an extra $500 a year or so for unavoidable fines.
  13. The buses are pretty good these days. If not using the Emergency Lane and excessively lanesplitting it'll still take a while. I commuted down it for a while and found the bus a hell of a lot better.
  14. I was taking the bus/breakdown for about 5 months before they got me. Got pinged twice in a month lost my license. Got license back, had new job, got done by the clearway+towing fine combo. All that adds up to over $1,300 in fines just trying to get to work. Not to mention when your pride and joy gets inevitably damaged in those bike spots. I worked out it was costing me $600p/m without fines and parking for free. What a joke! If we could use the bus lane and there was no/reduced tolls it would be a viable way to get to work.

    Not trying to break your spirit newbie! Hopefully you'll get to find out that there's alot more to motorcycling than commuting on the m2.
  15. Plus the cost too. My old man takes the LCT and bridge everyday and spends 5k + on tolls each year.
  16. You can head down to the m4, it will take longer but you will save $20 something in tolls everyday and there are some nice motorcycle friendly rat runs that avoid parramatta rd and some bus lanes you can use.
  17. I was almost inclined to give up the ride to city. But I think if you consider travelling along the M4 it is a lot better - as smileedude mentioned, it takes a bit longer, but probably less stressful considering that you are allowed to use bus lanes at some places. You would probably save time by using these lanes, I suppose.
  18. Although I'll admit my experiance is going against flow. I commute from the city to Richmond for uni. I much prefer the M4 to the M2, mainly because of tolls. You will have to experiment and see for yourself, it might be just too awful with the extra peak traffic, but still beats the s**t out of being in a car. Bus on the M2 might still win out in the end.
  19. Thanks smileedude. :)
    Other alternative I'm thinking atm is to travel along Victoria Road and try to arrive before 8am into the city...
  20. Also if you do decide to go the M2 don't ever bother with the LCT unless your in a huge rush. You've got buslanes on top the whole way and it only takes an extra 2-3 mins.