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Battleship (movie)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. I actually thought this movie would be a mindless cgi action-fest. And it kind of is, but underneath all the explosions there seems to be more to this film. It's actually suprised me.

    Either I am reading way too much into it, or the script was cleverly done so as to create a movie that looks like pro-Navy propaganda on the surface while at the same time asking some questions about how humanity interacts with the "unknown" and the sort of things we glorify and see as "heroic".

    One really important question seems to divide audiences too. Were the aliens "good" or "bad"? And I'd like some thoughts on this question, so I created this thread and poll.

  2. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    aliens are bad they probe people
  3. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    This flick had the plot line of a wet chux.
  4. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    Ranks down there with waterworld in my mind.

    I did feel like going and joining the navy afterwards though.
  5. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    Do you mean Battleship?
  6. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    I didn't think the US Navy was actually portrayed in such a positive light, or as the heroes. It seemed like a parody, which is funny considering the movie was supported by US DoD.

    Humans send out signal to Earth-like planet > There is intelligent life on that planet > Aliens arrive at source of signal > A caste of navy personnel (some with clearly displayed flaws) attempt to contact aliens > Aliens respond > Humans, afraid, proceed to misinterpret the foreign aliens and decide they must be hostile and therefore must be eradicated/destroyed.

    Edit:-Oh man, yes I mean Battleship. Could a mod please fix the title?
  7. I didn't mind the film but in no way did I need to use any brain power apart from look at the pretty explosions.
  8. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    It wasn't that great of a movie...and a decommissioned naval battleship having explosives on it? WTF?
  9. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    I think you watched a different movie to me. I watched a remake of Independence Day...
  10. I think I know the problem.

    Before you watched it did you need to collect a bottle, a small piece of hose, a funny cone shaped thing, some water, a lighter and a special kind of plant?
  11. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    My money is on that 'feeling' having nothing whatsoever to do with the movie though............................:bolt:
  12. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    The aliens weren't believable enough to be either good or bad.
  13. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    Makes you think you can play the guitar like Hendrix too!
  14. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    I'm not sure how a movie based on a board game could possibly have any sort of meaning.

    It was just a whole lot of CGI filler around the one scene of targeting grid coordinates trying to get a hit, just like the game, which some coke-addled movie producers decided was an idea worth sinking millions of dollars into.

    Hollywood either needs to get rid of all the writers/producers/directors on drugs, or at the very least give them some better drugs.
  15. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    yeah, I thought the same thing.

    But I didn't watch the movie expecting it to be a deep journey into the human condition, blah blah, all that shit, I just expected a good battle with cool explosions and shit. And that's exactly what I got, and it turned out much better than I expected. So all up, I actually really liked it.

    On the other hand, I watched prometheus the other week, and thought it was utter crap. Which is weird since it got better reviews, although I can't understand why. Guess my brain works differently than most.

    edit: I reckon aliens never intended on peace. They just wanted a new planet.
  16. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    Not the ones I know! :p

    OT, I havent seen the movie nor I intend to! Might do something useful with my time like spend it on NR. :D
  17. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    I did like Prometheus. However not enough explosions, the story was good IMO. Especially if you like the Alien/Predator series.
  18. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    I love the alien series, still didn't like prometheus. at all. not that it matters. sorry if that's a bit off topic :p
  19. Re: Battlefield (movie)

    what there good because they probe?
  20. Talk about battleship or shut the f up :LOL: