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Battlefeild 2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrNinja, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Hi all. any one interested in joining a BF2 clan. The clan would focus on realistic battles/scrims. Units of 5/12. Also any one interested in having a BF2 & BF:v lan? Pm me or just add a comment

    Thanks all

    Mrninja / Pvt. Colfs [1ACD]
  2. if i had time i might be tempted for a game.....assuming I also had the game that is :p

    involved much else these days to go playing games too much
  3. hahahah.... thats funny!! But thats not the way we play.....
  4. i'd be up for a lan game or 2, assuming of course we have a few people to make the game interesting
  5. I only have a capacity to run five computers at this time. If some one has a switch / hub that we could use. The other thing I was interested in doing was seeing if we could get enough people togeater to feild a team, at a LOG (large Organised Game).

  6. well if you decide to field a counter strike team let me know, would be interested
  7. i got a adsl modem thats also a 4 port router so we could use that, i'm also up for cs as long as it's source \:D/
  8. Ok, here is the plan for those that are interested.. come round to my place (toorak rd) at about 8:30ish and go when ever you like (could be real late) as it stands there's four of us... plus 30 bots for BF2. Need a couple more if anyones interested......................
  9. wat day are you gonna be going it? PM your address to :D