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Battle with an insect

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mag, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Last night I took the bike out for a bit of a cruise, when I put my head up for a second to get some cool air, when suddenly, I felt a sharp sting on my neck :shock: . Parked the bike as quickly as I could without crashing, jumped of the bike... by this time something is stinging me and flapping around under my shirt. With a few jumps, shakes and other wierd movements I finally achieved to take my helmet gloves and jacket of and flip up my shirt to let the annoying bug out. :LOL: People walking by must have thought I was from the loony bin.
    Lesson learnt, I'm gonna be real cautious of putting my head up from now on! Anyone else had bug attacks like these? :p

  2. Not alone there, similar thing happened to me a couple of weeks back riding along and I felt what I thought was a rock or beetle hit my neck. Felt the same thing again on my chest, then stomach at which point I pulled off the road, whipped off the gloves and helmet, undid my jacket, untucked my t-shirt and watched as a black wasp flew to freedom. Did get a weird look from an oncoming car, probably the sight of me sitting on the bike flapping my T-shirt at them. :LOL:
  3. My name's Loz, and I always seem to get flies in my ear.
  4. I had a similar incident with a wasp stinging me around 20 times before i could stop and get my jacket off, i tried squashing it when i was at the lights but i think i just made it more mad.
  5. Ahh the joys of motorcycling.

    Yep I've copped wasp/bee bites while riding.

    Wasps are the worst - they get stuck in your jacket and just keep on stinging you. I got 6 or 7 on my chest before i managed to get to it.

    One of my mates got a wasp stuck in his jacket - thought he got it out - little bit down the road his off the bike again, stripping off his leathers down to his jocks - but not before copping a nasty bite on the end of his...............
  6. Bugs also have something against me when I'm riding.

    In the car not one bug splat on the screen.

    In the bike as soon as I take it for a spin the butterflies come out and manage to splat on my visor.
  7. I have been blinded by a grasshopper once. Was riding along and suddenly everything went green.

    Thank god for visors. :-&
  8. Must be the Spring thing happening - Bug Highway out there @ present. Used to only clean the visor on return to base - now have to do it at every stop along the way .... :?
  9. This is probably an urban myth, but my ambo cousin told me the story that was told to him by one of his trainers that worked in Kathrine in the NT. The story goes a guy on a 'busa doing ~250km/h on the open highway is killed by a grasshopper. He hit it end on and it punctured his jacket, into his chest and lodged in his heart. It would be a terrible way to go I think, but I struggle to believe it only because I have had grasshoppers splat on my visor at 20km/h. :^o
  10. My first ever ride, the day after I got my L’s I was going down Wellington Rd feeling very pleased with myself, lovely sunny day not much traffic around, visor up. When all of a sudden WACK !!!, a bug right in the face, just under my left eye. OUCH !!!. I didn’t stop, but I closed my visor and kept on going. About 3 mins later I feel this weirdness to the right of my right eye, then I realise there’s a Bee INSIDE my helmet crawling on my face !!!. So I pulled over as safely as possible, all the while telling myself to not crash, stay calm, don’t rush, just get the helmet OFF.

    Luckily it all ended well, for both me and the bee :shock:
  11. that happened to me on a push bike in england :p

    luckily i was only wearing a t-shirt so i could locate and eliminate it easily :p
  12. Hehe, wow I guess I'm not the only one getting attacked by bugs, some real nasty ones there! :shock: I bet its only gonna get worse with summer approaching.
  13. A bit of string gives way to the touch, but can easily penetrate deeply into the skin if it moves fast enough (think of a whip). Although 200kph doesn't sound enough, it's possible for semi-soft objects to do real damage if they're travelling fast enough.

  14. My brother had a praying mantis splatter onto his cheeck on the highway. A rough section of road and he wasn't game to take his hand of the handlebar, as the poor half-crushed thing squirmed and pushed at his flesh. :(

  15. Watch out for Hornets!!! :LOL:
  16. Canteen bandanas are at the supermarket checkouts now. Tie one around your neck and it'll protect the skin between the jacket and helmet from all bug attacks. $3 solutions are one of the best kind I reckon. :)
  17. True

    A barefoot skier friend once told me that at 30kph (iirc) water turns "solid" as far as hitting it goes. He often had an oops at speeds a lot higher than 30 kph, and he said you might as well be bouncing along wet concrete.

    Also why a belly-flop off a high diving board stings like all fark :shock:

  18. OOOH Mythbuster Job!!!

    we need a 'Busa rider, a bunch of grasshoppers, and the stuart highway.

    Volunteers? Bags I get to chuck the grasshoppers at the 'Busa pilot :LOL:

    Can we freeze the bugs first? 8)
  19. I have been lucky myself, but a couple of years ago while riding on the Ducati Turismo in Tassie, a riding buddy was stung not once but twice when a wasp got into his boot on the same day. He had just enough gap between the bottom of his trouser and the top of the boot for the blighters to squeeze through.
    He had to take anti-histamines if I recall correctly.
    On the second occassion he was out of sight and just ahead of me. Suddenly, as I came around the bend there he was parked by the side of the road with his boot off. I pulled an emergency stop and had the back end out on the gravel closing on he and his 916. :shock: Ferk...
    Just managed to pull up in time. :D :D :D
    He got into town for more ice and drugs. 8)
  20. As a barefooter myself I think you mis-heard your mate. At 30kph water is soft and you sink into it, even on a waterski. At 30mph it gets hard enough to barefoot but barely and not for long. 40mph is closer to the mark and at that point the water is pretty hard. When you fall at 60mph it feels like you've hit bitchumin. It will also bruise the hell out of your feet. They get pounded enough at 40mph. I tend to barefoot at about 45mph which is 5mph faster than my prefered slalom speed.

    You are correct however, in that if you're going fast the water gets hard. When I learnt to barefoot there was no-one around to teach us, so me, my dad and my brother figured you just had to go fast. :shock: At thirteen I was barefooting at close on 60mph simply cause I didn't know any better. :shock: I ended up with more than a few blood noses before I got the hang of it. :LOL:

    Just for interests sake, the current world record for fasted speed while barefotting is 100mph. It was set by an Aussie named Brett Lee from Sydney about 15 yrs ago. Guiness have since banned any further attempts at his record after 3 people dies trying. I used to have footage of Brett's successful attempt. The bruises on his feet were awesome. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: