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Battle star galactica...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Hellloooooo BSG tragics.

    I've been away in Tassie (which was great fun) and the VCR didn't fire properly... I've missed too much BSG. <insert arrrrgggghh emoticon>

    Would a kind melb BSG devotee with a boxset they're willing to loan, lend, short term trade, ...consider putting me out of my BSG misery???

    Pm or email!

    Taaaaaa. :)


  2. *coughDOWNLOADTHEMcough*


    Either Bittorrent or Newsgroups are your friend :)
  3. I have season 1 & 2 on DVD if your in that bad of a need for a fix LOL
  4. I have the 2nd as well ;-)
  5. Taa folks! And taa to those that pm'd.

    I believe I have someone who will hook me up with what I seek... yay!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the series in a condensed time frame :cool:
  6. I have Season 1-2 and upto EP16 in season 3.

    its addictive
  7. I'd love to see them sometime! :wink:
  8. after reading this thread i went out yesterday and bought the rest of battlestar.... went home put in the disc and nothing nada MY DVD PLAYER DIED :cry:

    so i have both series and no where to go...
  9. BSG the best, most spaceflight-physics real sf series/movie ever made!
    Just had to say that....
  10. Yaa! and you watch Science Fiction for the reality?

    The best without a doubt is Babylon 5, BSG is good but can't hold a candle to it. Seems to me that B5 fighters might be a little more accurate in the physics department too.

    And so it begins....
  11. B5 was good... BSG seems to be better in the character development and story line dept... even if it was bllloooodddy slow for a while there.

    ...gotta get some codecs so I can see the blasted loaned disc... baaaahh!!! Computers?!?!?!?!! :tantrum:
  12. orbit.medphys "dot" ucl "dot" ac "dot" uk "forwardslash" orbit "dot" html

    Anyone tried this? (had to be creative with the address to post it!)
  13. Not a chance, roars of laughter and tears were shed at the end of the B5 series, these BSG clowns hardly rate a snear or raised eyebrow.

    but these links should sort out your codec problems

    and if that doesn't work then the below should be able to play it

    Not wanting to create a spoiler but you know about the 10 webisodes that were released to bridge between the end of season 2 and start of season 3?
  14. Because I'm new it won't let me post url's.
  15. You were right on the threshold, that being your 5th post, you should be right now.
  16. Thanks Matt.
    Hope you enjoy what you find there!
  17. BSG & B5 both alternate between proper physics flight and space opera flight when it suits them.

    I just watched b5 Season 4...
    The Tourter of Sheradin at the end of teh season has some scary simalarities to the sort of things they have talked about going on in Guantanimo...
  18. Anyone know when BSG season 3 is getting released? i know they're still showing it in the states, but I'm waiting (with baited breath) for the Region 1 release so I can get this tasty morsel. I don't want to watch 3rd season with ripped episodes.

    Also for those of you who don't mind a bit of spoiler action, check out the battlestar wiki:-
    I like how during each episode real hardcore fans put forward "Questions & Analysis"... there seems to be a fair few things that I'd not pondered (IE stuff related to previous episodes, or reasonings behind certain scenes etc.)

    I think it's classic that "Zoic Studios" did both Firefly (Serenity) as well as BSG special effects... check out this photo from BSG, which shows the ship Serenity in it!!
    & this photo shows the Star Trek "Enterprise" (looks like NCC 1701<a> to me) http://en.battlestarwiki.org/wiki/Image:Enterprise_in_fleet.jpg

    ---:Spoiler Warning!:---
    My only complaint thus far about the show was the "carbon composite" they used on the "blackbird"... had not the Cylons heard of this simple 20th Century (stealth) technology before? :LOL:
    Oh and when Thrace flies that raider after her crash... How does one know where abouts your ship is without any navigation?

    small points I know, and this is a top-class show. I hope it's immediate success translates into a long and intense series