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Battle of the nakedness

Discussion in 'Naked' started by keano, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys
    Looking for some suggestions
    I've come from a Daytona that I got rid of about 6 months ago to travel Europe. Now I'm back, I desperately need a bike. Moving away from a supersport because my back can't take it anymore and I'm loving the looks of the a big mean naked.
    I was originally thinking either a new MT09 or a Z800. I can't find a demo of the Z800 so Kawasaki can get stuffed and I managed to take the MT09 out for a ride last weekend. Must admit I was pretty disappointed...
    The throttle dead spot is horrible and the suspension didn't blow me away.

    So, looks like there's not much else in the 800cc class so moving up to bigger and better.

    I've been seriously considering a 2011 or 2012 Speed Triple as I've had a spin on one before and it blew me away.
    Before I travel from Melbourne to Sydney to get one (not much in Melbourne at the moment) does anyone have any suggestions? Possible 800`s that I'm missing or a more suited naked?

    Cheers in advance
  2. Ducati Monster.
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  3. S1000R if you can afford one. Cant go wrong.
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  4. +1 for the Beemer if you have that kind of budget.

    If not, have you considered a Tuono?
    The V4 is sweet but even the Gen1 and Gen 2 are worth a look.

    There's a nice Gen 1 on gumtree at Albury. Ohlins front and rear, aftermarket wheels, etc.
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  5. Gsxs1000 or z1000 depending on your budget. Both unreal bikes. A gen 3 z1000 (2010 and up) start at $9k. The gsxs is brand new and are $15k new. Can't go wrong with either
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  6. Brutale 800??

    Sexiest naked I have ever seen. Can be hard getting one in a short timeframe or so it would seem.
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  7. 2016 Street Triple is going to be an 800.
  8. S1KR is a absolute gem. Only other bike id consider is the 1290 Superduke.
  9. Possibly should've been a bit more specific, the budget is around the cost of a new MT09, unfortunately this puts me around the $13k mark
    This means it wipes out the Ducati, Beamer , Brutale (god i wish it didn't that is hella sexy bike) without a lot of k's

    If only the 2016 Street Triple was out now. Catching the train sucks...
    Antone have any idea when it's due to land?
  10. You can get a brutale a few years old with under 10,000kms for your price range if you're lucky.
  11. Aprilia Shiver, may not have the grunt you need buttry it in S mode to check.
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  12. Get a thou. If you found the MT09 underwhelming, then there's not a lot in the 800's that'll excite you. Extra cubes just make the day-to-day stuff a bit easier, too.

    Second what basejumperbasejumper said re the Z1000 and GSXS. FZ1 is an option too if you're not too fussed with looks.

    OR ... just go nuts and find a 1098 Streetfighter, which could just be doable at that price. Won't do a whole lot for your back though.
  13. Don't settle for second best. Sell your kidneys, your little toes or liver but do get a Brutale 800rr.

    You will then one day die having experienced life to the fullest. image.
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  14. I like the way everyone just recommends the bike they have. I naturally agree with Bam Bam as I also have a monster;).

    On a more daydreaming note though - the Brutale Dragster 800 RR if I won the lottery.

    On a more realistic note - all nakeds are sexy. Hope you find one that tickles your bits
  15. You'd hope most people like their bike, so when a bike recommendation comes around (and its in the correct category) its obviously going to get a plug. If not, time to look for a new bike for oneself :sneaky:
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  16. Nah man get one of these.hee hee hee 20151121_150246.
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  17. Done, you selling it for the price of a MT09? :D
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  18. Funny i traded my mt09 (with cash adjust) on this. The mt 09 is a ripping bike just sort suspension and your away!
  19. Jeez, that's a hell of a step up. Took the MT09 for a test ride and had bigger expectations than what it could deliver. I shouldn't have read so many reviews....