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Battle of the learner legal bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulstar, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    I was at Bike Biz on Saturday arvo and i ran into the guys from mighty mods, they said there was interest in a bike related episode but no idea for one. The idea of 'battle of the learner legal bikes' came up and they seemed keen and so asked me to see if there was any interest on here. They did mention they wanted a postie bike :p about 5 bikes in total and the bikes would have to be learner legal. If people are interested in giving their time, bringing their bikes please post up.

    I'm keen with my yamaha FZR250 :)

    Mightymods http://www.youtube.com/user/mightycarmods

  2. bike related episode what? i dont get it
  3. Sorry i assumed people know what mighty mods is! its a tv show type thing on you tube, i have edited the first post to clarify what it is. :cool:
  4. without putting any research in to the bikes
    aprillia rs125
    hyosung gt650r (only for its capacity - or the 250 because i love it)
    think the fzr would be a good choice as well
  5. why not the popular ones?

    ZZR 250
    CBR 250
    VTR 250
    Hyosung 250 or 650
    CB 400
    CB 250
    SV 650 / GSF650 or whatever it is.
    CBF 250

    Dont bother with a postie unless your going to review learner legal scooters as well eh?
  6. Postie is a viable option, its just at the bottom end of peoples requirements. Nothing wrong with them for inner city work.
  7. oh they are fun for what they are, but a bit of stretch to call them a popular learner motorbike. I'd dare say theres more 150-200 cc scoots sold than postie bikes, or traded. Your forgetting the asian student market :p
  8. Well duh, theres only one model postie bike bike but there are dozens of different model scooters 150-200 :p
  9. Your not really building a case "for" the inclusion of a postie in a learner legal bike shootout, although your points have all been valid, lets not stray too far off topic :p
  10. No.

    Wheres moog at? List of some learner legal bikes in freshriders link (sig).
  11. i saw a postie do a wheelie yesterday. but why bother including it? because it would be a bit of fun mainly. i would guess that is what they are thinking.
  12. Sure, i guess it could provide some comedic relief :p
  13. Yeah. I'd add the GPX250 and perhaps the ZXR250 to that list and call it a day.

    I'd exclude anything which can't reach 100km/h.
  14. RVF400 vs SV650

    Especially in NSW, considering you have to ride the damn thing for 3 years.
  15. Could bring along the two fiddy, if it's not on a saturday...

    (For the taller people out there.)

    *Edit - Just realised they're not out of melbourne...* :facepalm:
  16. Don't forget the trusty GS500. But I guess with the two learner legal Suzuki 650's, the GS might start declining in popularity.
  17. I was thinking about it at work tonight.. to represent everyone's needs it would need a wide range of bikes. commuter, sport, nakeds, cruisers but no scooters :p maybe its a series of episodes in itself...

    someone sponsor me a camera i'll get on it :LOL:
  18. a postie bike can do 100km/h

    if you can find a big enough cliff :bolt:
  19. I'd definitely agree, with the addition of the gs.
  20. I left out the cruisers...the two yamahas, suzuki, hyosung...what else is learner legal?