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Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by murchy, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. So I've been offered a set of oldish (2008) Pilot Powers that have done ~2500km for $100.

    Should I replace my current Battlax BT56 (~3000km) with them?

  2. Re: Battlax BT56 vs. Pilot Power

    There is a forum for this type of question bro.
    Do you know how the tyres have been stored?
    3 year old tyres.
    Tough choice. Personally I wouldn't touch them with a 3 year old barge pole.
    Good luck
  3. Re: Battlax BT56 vs. Pilot Power

    Nup. I would'nt touch them Murchy. Too old.

    Btw. BT016's would make a better tyre than your current tyres - For future reference. :)
  4. Re: Battlax BT56 vs. Pilot Power

    My bad, didn't realise the accessories section included tyres too.

    Noted. The BT56's just came stock with the bike. Honestly I'm still probably too noob to notice the difference really :p
  5. Re: Battlax BT56 vs. Pilot Power

    You'd be surprised. You can't beat better grip for building your confidence.
  6. Re: Battlax BT56 vs. Pilot Power

    Ride lots, learn your craft and before you know it, you'll quickly start noticing a lot of differences...

    Got my bike back from a service a week ago...
    On the way home, decided to take the goodcut way home via a road I know really well.... as we do :D
    Something didn't quite feel right but thought probably just me on the day... we all have them :p
    Check invoice and notice adjusted tyre pressures...
    Back in garage, and 6psi higher than I normally set...

    Of course, adjusted pressure to my preference and had to go out and make sure....:D
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  7. Re: Battlax BT56 vs. Pilot Power

    Keep in mind that OEM tyres are often not the same spec as off-the-shelf versions of the same model. Whether they're better or not for that bike is anyone's guess, but cost is always a factor in the price they can sell new for.