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battery trouble

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 93squadron, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. My mates Aprillia doesnt charge it battery properely, he has to clutch start it any time he wants to ride, and sometimes even that doesnt work. He leaves the batt on charge over night but by the end of the day its same old story. Does he need a new battery or is it something else? :?

  2. Simple test. Charge the battery out of the bike. Leave it for a couple of days just sitting there. Put it back in the bike and if it starts, the battery is holding charge and something is draining it in the bike.

    If the battery is flat after just sitting on the bench............. well you know what to do :)
  3. No. he doesn't need a new battery, yet. But if he doesn't replace the voltage regulator so the battery gets charged when he's riding, he soon will :).
  4. It's one of two things. Either the battery isn't holding charge or the charging circuit isn't charging.

    once he gets it started, put a multimeter across the battery. I should be reading more than 13V (usually 13.8V). If it isn't, then the charging circuit is stuffed. If it is, then it's new battery time.

    If it's the charging circuit, it could be the voltage regulator or the alternator itself. You are getting into auto electrician territory then.
  5. I'll get him to try these out and get back to you, pity to see a nice bike like that not running.
  6. Agree, but something could be draining the battery. (alarm, ignition etc)
  7. glossed over the "Aprillia" bit. Yeah leakage is the more likely culprit given it's heritage.:LOL:

    [the former Laverda rider skulks away into his bitter corner]
  8. I go with ibast.

    Charge up battery first, then put it in, start the bike up and watch the voltage reading at battery. If it's below 13.8 then no charging = cause of problem.

    If thats the case, you'll be able to see it dropping on a digital multimeter by the second.... 12.98, 12.97, 12.96.... etc.

    Gradual flattening is far more difficult to assess - it could be a short somewhere or just a dying battery. They're always the tough ones to suss out.
  9. Which Aprilia? I've been reading about some electrical problems (particularly what you're talking about) with the 1000cc models, that can be easily fixed with a simple wire mod. Perhaps that's the solution?
  10. Tenoq, its a 1000 RSV Mille. i think hes got a meter around somewhere so ill tell him to get it out