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battery stuffed after long ride

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bluehornet250, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Hey all, every time I ride home to Horsham from Melbourne (4 hours) the battery is dead the next day. And not just flat. I charge the battery and it wont hold the charge at all..

    It's happened 3 times now and I'm sick of buying new batteries.

    I took it to Geoff Taylor Motorcycles in Dandenong where I get it serviced and they tested it and said it is charging fine.

    But now its happened again i'm a bit angry.

    What could the problem be??
  2. Regulator/rectifier. Honda uses crap ones. Get someone else to check the charging and make sure before you spend any more money.

    (You're not buying Chinese batteries are you?)
  3. To Titus listen, young Jedi, words of wisdom he speaks.
  4. The battery is a 'Dynomaster'. I payed for one went the original was stuffed and they've since swapped it for me at no charge when it stuffed up
  5. where abouts on the bike is the regulator/rectifier?? just out of curiosity i'd like to have a look at it.
  6. I think this is a pretty common honda issue. I remember my cbr600rr 2005 would, if I went for a long ride, stopped at the side of the road 2 hours in, and then restarted quickly, often the bike would have a flat battery and I'd need to roll-start.

    strange :?
  7. i recently had the same problems (faulty reg/rec) on my honda blade. these are a common problem for hondas.

    i purchased an after market reg/rec from a guy in w.a ($55 off ebay http://search.ebay.com.au/_W0QQsassZnatalyawa) which is far better than the previous. however, even after replacing the reg/rec the battery still wasn't getting any charge to it.

    turns out the faulty reg/rec also caused the alternator connector (a white plastic 3 pin housing which connects 3 yellow wires moving power from the alternator to the reg/rec) to literally fry and disconnect these wires. thus cutting off the charge moving from the stator to the battery (i assume the faulty reg/rec caused a build up of electric current which fried at its weakest point, the connector).

    so if after you replace the reg/rec, and the battery is still not receiving a charge, before assuming it may be a faulty stator, check the wiring from the alternator to the the reg/rec to see if everything is connected.

    there is a good write up on diagnosing the electrical charging system here: http://cbrworld.net/forums/permalink...ad.aspx#140473
    (note: the diagram is missing 3 pin alternator connector between the alternator and the reg/rec).
  8. So O'K looks like that is the problem with the Honda's but what is a good brand of battery to buy Dynomaster / yuasa / Roadstar / Motobat
    Mine is for my Spusuki vz800 YTX 12 BS Yuasa being the dearest followed by Motobat then Roadstar & Dynomaster both $75 :-k