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Battery Sellers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by beans07, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Hi, I am from South West Victoria and am after a 6N6-3B battery for a Yamaha DT175 that I have bought for a couple of hundred bucks for a paddock basher.

    When I got it home the battery is dead and on the voltmeter is showing only 0.9v. Charged it but it did nothing, and never bought it up above a volt. I can't turn him on at all or start it which is frustrating the hell out of me. The DT is around the 1980 mark in model makes.

    Anyway I am after one of these batteries and need some help locating a shop or place to get them? I live 300km's West of Melbourne in a town of about 10,000 and to my knowledge there isn't anyone here that sells or could source them.

    We have Dick Smith, Repco, AWM, Autopro and a few engineering places along with some tire places that sell batteries but I would be surprised if they sell these.

    Any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi Beans - there are quite a few online battery places I saw when looking for a local Melbourne shop. It may cost you a bit more on delivery (if they deliver rural)

    Would it have to be the exact battery or would one that is just the same dimensions work? I bought one recently from Super Charge in Sunshine, had had a car one from them previously and they have a really large range. Super Cheap also sell bike batteries so maybe find one that is near to you (within reason of course ;) )

    If you get really, really stuck and find one in Melbourne, I go out to my block which is 135kms West of Melbourne most weekends so could pick one up for you and get it to within 200kms of you rather than 300!
  3. Why do you want a battery for a paddock basher? It will run fine without one.
  4. +1
    It doesn't need a battery to run, just to work the lights and horn.
    Get it running first, then if you want to register it you'll need a battery, otherwise don't bother. The headlight should work fine wothout the battery if you're late coming home from the paddock!
  5. unless its like my bike where you need the battery to supply the spark.
  6. Yeah -but thats the whole point of my reply. It does not need one. And I've had a DT 125, 175 and a 200 that would all run happily with no battery.