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Battery replacement

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Julien, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Hi guys

    My mechanic is telling me that I need a new battery put on my GS500. The bike is still under manufacturer warranty. Is it worth getting it done by my mechanic or is battery replacement something I can easily do?

  2. Mate, How old is the Bike? As the Battery itself, may still be under it's own warranty. Failing that, it's a fairly straight forward job.

    Take seat off(if appropriate),
    disconnect the Negative Terminal Connection, put a rubber glove on it and put it to the side,
    remove the Positive Terminal Connection, rubber glove etc.
    Undo any holding clamps/hooks as necessary,
    take old battery out,(If necessary get lift to super cheap or preferred Battery outlet, and get an equivalent Battery) and Put new Battery in.

    Put the holding stuff back together, reconnect the Positive Terminal, then reconnect the Negative Terminal. Seat on start bike.

    Tip: While your Terminal connectors are disconnected from the battery, clean 'em with a wire brush..

    Tip 2: Remove the Positive connection LAST. And Reconnect it First.
  3. Don't forget, you should charge the battery fully before putting it in. Easiest way would be to call ahead and have the battery shop charge it ready for you to pick up. Most places that sell car/bike batteries (except perhaps k-mart and similar) should be able to look up your bike to know which battery to get and charge it without needing to sight the old battery.

    Or you could grab one and charge it at home if you have a charger.

    Or you could just put it in and go for a long ride, but I've been told by a 'battery man' that this isn't quite as good, and battery life will suffer.
  4. I doubt it will be covered under warrantee, but it would be worth knowing the dealer if they do.
  5. What Thera said, but the seat holds the battery in, so there's no clamps to undo.
  6. if the bike is still under warranty how the hell is the battery dead. you either just dont ride it enough or you electrics is stuffed and draining the battery, or your mechanic is pulling ur leg trying to get more money outta ya.

    ive left the lights on and drained my battery once, recharged and its fine, and its a old battery, prolly been in there since the bike was sold.

    what specifically is wrong with the the bike or battery???
  7. Please try to re-charge for at least 10 hours by using motorcyle battery charges which is 1.1 AMP . if still not recover , then buy new one at 50-60 dollars.

  8. The battery in my GS500 died 1 week short of the 12 month anniversary of my purchase (brand new). The battery they ship with is, I'm told, a reconditioned battery with a low life expectancy. Its not covered by any warranty (bike or its own). I was recharging it every couple of days just to keep some life in it, til I got bored of taking it out so frequently. Its since been replaced with a Yuasa and working wonderfully.

    Some of the battery chargers out there also have some extension thingys so you dont need to pull the battery out to charge it, just plug it in - which is great if you have somewhere dry and secure to leave the bike overnight (or longer) while its charging.
  9. Hey guys,i woke up this morning and tried to turn my beemer on but it just wouldnt start
    It sounds like the spark plugs are not firing.
    But on my dash board after trying to star the car ... My battery light Flashesred...
    What does this mean?
    That the battery needs replacement?

    please,do let me know

  10. Why were you sleeping in the car?

    Seriously though, how about some details re. age , model etc.
    (That's the vehicle, not you)
  11. i have a question,

    my battery in my fzr was old and finaly died, its a 12v 12a battery.

    i took the battery out of my rs125 and stuck it in and it works fine,

    but the question is, will this battery be the same? it doesnt have any markings on it, just has CBA9-A i think.

    my understanding is, if the voltage is the same (12v) and the amps are still over whats recomnended, the bike should be fine right? (i dont know the amps, but im guessing its going to draw it from the alt...)