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Battery problem.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by insaneshoota, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. ok so i have a kawasaki zx2r 89 model..
    somethign went wrong with it and i couldn't be botherd to fix it till a couple days ago, i pulledo ut the spark plugs and cleaned them up..
    then i tried clutch starting it, the lights would come on, it would have compression but didn't start..
    so i tried jump starting it from my car.. it started. i left it running for about 10 minutes still attached to my car battery, but when i take off the leads it stalls..
    it starts good now, i played around with the choke and acceleration and stuff for abit, the bike seems to be running good, but when i take it off the car battery it stalls immeditaly..

    i know with a manual car if you take off the battery it still runs.. with the ultinator.. im just wondering if the bike solinoid should charge the battery on the bike back up.. or is my battery dead buy a new one? or should i take the bike battery out and charge it back up so its full and put it back in...... ?

  2. The battery is dead. The bike is running off the car battery exclusively when the car battery is connected.

    New Battery and get your voltage regulator checked at the same time, otherwise you will lunch the new battery as well......
  3. could be as simple as the charge lead from the alternator becoming dislodged . this would make the things you describe happen.
    also, when the bike broke down did it just stop? could have been the result of the lead falling off.

    checks to make -
    how old is the battery?
    are there any opaque cells in the battery?
    how do the connections look?
    are there any loose leads at the battery?
    are the charge and main leads to the terminals clean (not covered in green/blue crap)?
    when it is running from the car battery, put a multimeter across the battery and check the voltage (bike running, car NOT running), it should be well above 12v, more around 13-14v. if the voltage is low, it is an indication of an issue with the charging system.
    another thing to do is start it on the car battery, and put your headlights on, giving a little rev should make the lights a little brighter, and dropping the revs should make them dimmer. this only happens from idle so dont go redlining it to see if it changes :LOL:

    if there is nothing obvious from the points above, remove and charge the battery. running for 10mins will not sufficiently charge a battery.
    if the problem doesnt correct, ie. it runs until battery is discharged you have a problem with your alternator/regulator.
    if it still doesnt start - new battery
    new battery and STILL wont go - autoelectrician