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Battery power turbo

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Woodsy, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Probably posting in wrong area (again) but has any one come across these before?


    it's a battery powered turbo, i can see it working no probs theoreticaly but was wondering if any one has experiance with forced induction can give some feed back.
  2. Theoretically, there will be LOTS of problems with it!

    I personally wouldn't be suprised if these things even hindered the performance of a pocket bike.

    Most pocket bikes are 2-strokes, forced induction won't work easily!

    I doubt that the impeller (or whatever cheap 'fan' it has) would spin up quick enough to give even 1 psi, especially considering the absolutely HUGE (for a pocket bike) 35mm exit. A typical turbo will spin at around 110k rpm, this would be lucky to make 15k rpm.

    I feel sorry for peeps that waste money on this crap.

    It might sound cool though...
  3. I can't get to the pictures (blocked here) but if it's battery powered it's not a turbo charger but a super charger.

    Turbos work off exhaust pressure while superchargers are generally either electrically powered or work off a belt drive from the motor.
  4. I spose if the 'turbo' (it's really just a fan!) did work, then yeah, the fuelling would be up the creek. More air in requires more petrol if you don't want to blow it up.
  5. :LOL: ahahhaa ahaha haaa ... :roll:

    these are the worst snake oil ever to hit the market. Firstly they are a constant velocity pump so the supply a constant pressure... this would be fine if engines worked at a fixed rpm to provide afixed output and needed a fixed amount of air then this is the bomb :LOL: .... sorry they dont... as rpm increases air supply demand increases and this little fan will not supply past a point. after that it will become a drag / vacume in the intake...

  6. It's a scam - quite simply the amount of power needed to drive a supercharger, even for a small engine, is quite high since you actually need to compress the air to achieve anything. The actual vacuum generated by the engine will naturally draw in air far more effectively than any tiny electric fan - if anything all the fan will do is restrict airflow and reduce power output. Only electric system I've seen that looked legit was on a car - and that was only designed as a brief one-off boost (boot full of batteries coupled to a several kw motor and supercharger).
  7. OMG!.... electric turbo or supercharger? :?

    I cant believe i'm even hearing such a proposterous thing...

    Even at 1.7 psi why would you bother (poss on a pocket bike, but i dont know them at all)...

    Just slap on a good ol' T28 Garrett :LOL:
  8. Amazing how these idiotic gadgets still separate fools from their money. I'm sure the academics among us could give chapter and verse on why you don't get something for nothing, but I suggest a quick look at the first law of thermodynamics is all that is required.

  9. what the one that says you dont get nothing for nothing :) in fact most times you get less than nothing when you started with nothing.
  10. Theres a vid floating around where some guys with nothing better to do and a spare dyno hooked up a leaf blower to the intake and ran that flat out while the car did a power run... they actually got a 15hp or so increase just from that, then sprayed nitrous into the leaf blower intake and gained another 40hp or so. That was on a small 1.8L Honda or somethign but then they repeated it on a larger engined car and got even bigger increases! So just borrow the neighbours leaf blower and strap it up :D
  11. as above....muhahahahahaha no hope.

    Go read corky bell's "maximum boost" and you will soon figure out why.

    You might as well use a 2 stroke leaf blower to supercharge it, supercharging said leafblower with a hairdryer which you are boosting with a psu fan which has the volts upped by a bigger battery, oh wait, now we're back where we started..unless you use a generator run off the crank to recharge the battery to boost the fan and oh wait, its happening again. Stupid physics, who invited them anyway?
  12. Seriously people, if you want to do it right (there are many variables here and this is a rough guide only);
    Either source or design your own exhaust headers.
    Weld on the apropriate adapter plate for the turbo you choose (dependant on many thing, ie HP wanted and literage of engine).
    Make the dump pipe, and weld on adapter for other side of turbo (i'm assuming your turbo has a wastegate attatched to it already).
    Weld the dump pipe to your exhaust system.
    Hook up some inlet piping (and an intercooler if your running more than 3-5psi) (Right here is where things get complicated, if you have Electronic Injection the plumbing will be right but the tuning gets interesting; if you have carbies, then there is blowthrough or drawthrough, simplest out of the lot is drawthrough carbies).
    Hook up the oil and water lines that you'll have to tap into your block, to the turbo for cooling and lubrication.

    GET IT TUNED for your new toy.

    Yes, it is a bit of work to do, but performance wise it can be huge if done correctly.

    I've found a few good books here, for turbo/supers: http://www.autospeed.com/shop/category_2/browse.html

    IMHO supers are a waste of initial HP in the first place...
  13. They're almost as good as the exhaust tips I saw for sale once that had a little fan mounted in them. Apparently the airflow past the exhaust tip was supposed to cause the fan to spin which would then help "draw out" exhaust fumes from the engine :LOL:.
  14. Oh thats brilliant... but would it work with my sparkplug mounted in the tip so i can shoot flames from unburnt fuel?
  15. At the risk of igniting a firefight.....that statement ignores the fact that you can't ignite more mixture in a combustion chamber than you can extact from it. Yes a turbo forces more in, but it also sets up exhaust wave resonance, and the impeller drag restricts the ability to exhaust the burnt mixture. If you do the math, surprise surprise, the loss of exhaust efficiency just about equals the load of a typical supercharger. Add the issue of lag and a supercharger is probably a better bet in most cases in terms of pure efficiency. Turbo's are popular mainly because they are relatively cheap, about 1/3rd of a typical supercharger installation, and are much easier to fit to just about any engine.
  16. Unlike a turbo, a supercharger is normally meant to be a big short term boost. The old SSK Mercs pre-war had a floor switch that you activated by pressing the accelerator all the way down. When you lifted off then supercharger was switched off as well. I think they recommended a maximum of 90 seconds at a time on the supercharger.

    I'm sure Inci can describe supercharged aircraft engines. Since I can't see the pictures of that offering I can't really say but the descriptions of it here certainly make me think it a useless piece of shite... :roll:
  17. Ok TonyE...picture your wife's hairdryer duct taped over the mouth of a carbie....there you go....