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Battery or something Else?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Righty, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if people could share their thought on the following.

    Just recently my bike hasn't been starting properly (07 cbr1000rr) so took it in, got a new battery, all seems good until just now on the way home. It was wet, but I don't think that had anything to do with it. The fuel light came on, I had only just recently filled it up, and reset the taco, it's about 80km short of where it usually comes on, then all of a sudden I noticed the headlight was dimming, then I lost all of my instruments. I mean everything, dead. The bike was still running no dramas ( I should mention this happened while I was stationary). So I started going again, I was only 2 minuted from home, then it all came back on. But the fuel light would randomly turn on and off. So for good measure I chucked on high beam, and the hazard lights. Sure enough it all went off again.

    I am assuming alternator as it's a new battery, but is there something else I should be aware of? Considering it's still under warranty will that be covered?

    Any thought would be greatly appreciated.

  2. reg/rec
  3. If the reg/rec is gone, then it can put to much power to the battery kill that, which then puts strain on the stator and burns it.

    I would be getting all 3 checked out before doing much more riding.
  4. Could be a connecter in the main loom getting wet. (ask me how I know)

    Is the battery flat or is it charging normally?
  5. Remember, it IS a honda. Reg/Rec.
  6. Battery is flat. They said the other one wasn't holding charge so that's why they changed it.

    Seemed strange that it was busted after just 18 months but.... Do you think that would have caused the other battery to go too?

    Regardless it's booked in tomorrow. Just wondering if it's worth giving them a kick up the ass for making me buy a battery if it wasn't the problem. If something has caused the battery to be damaged then I would imagine Honda should be wearing the cost, not me.

    Thanks all.
  7. Sounds like an earth problem again.
  8. Can you say "Multi meters and test lights are great diagnostic tools" EH!

    Why speculate when you can test it... :wink:
  9. ...oh crud.

    Have read both posts.

    My lil CBR125R 2005 decided it didn't want to start today...again...it always happens on a weekend!

    Took my battery in to the dealer today- and he checked it out. Said the battery is fine so it is my bike that has the problem :''''( I took it in 2.5 weeks ago for the same problem, and they re-chraged the battery for me.

    What might be wrong with it?? I am hoping it won't cost too much to fix...
  10. Interesting. Mine is supposed to have that problem according the the original poster, but it seems like the same issue. I'm a bit pissed now as I have had to buy a battery for the bloody thing and it probably wasn't the issue.

    Dropped it off Friday, haven't got it back yet.

    Time will tell.
  11. i had a similar problem with my bike but the whole thing died not just electrics, it turned out someone had forgot to connect the ground wire to the battery terminal.
  12. Still waiting for my bike back. Got a call from them saying that got one part sent in, they put it in the bike only to discover something else wasn't working. Sorry for being really vauge, but I can't remember what they said. I do remember them saying that electrical problems can be a pain to fix.
  13. Typical mechanic response ](*,) Bunch of guessers :p .