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Battery model for ninja 250 (2009)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by woodx3, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Hey guys , so I just made my first trip on a highway, and I absolutely enjoyed the speed and the thrill!
    But silly as I am, I made a rookie mistake of leaving the bike ignition on, and the battery went flat.

    I am currently searching for a new battery for my bike, but got quite confused about what battery I should buy ( I bought my bike second hand, have no user manual).

    Bike : Ninja 250 (2009)

    Should I use YTX9-BS or YTX7A-BS battery?

    an online store from ebay told me is should use YTX9-BS, which is mostly for 600cc bikes, and I just wanna listen to a couple more opinions from other riders. Can you guys help me out ? Thanks a million :)

    One thing I am sure of , I will never make the same mistake EVER AGAIN.
  2. You dont need to get a new battery if you run it flat. Only if you fry it or it dies of old age.

    Get a charger. Theyre not that dear.
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    charge it up, it may live.

    check if you have a 7 or 9 battery currently...
    Yuasa list the 7 for up to 2008 (US models) and the 9 for 2009-12
    Yuasa Batteries - Search Result
    Yuasa Batteries - Search Result

    9 is 10mm taller, 100g heavier, 2Ahrs more and slightly more expensive.

    9 is bigger betterer battery, for more cost.
    depends if it fits...

    as for owners manual... just download it from Kawasaki directly
    Kawasaki Motors Australia - Download Owners Manuals

    says 8Ahr battery
  4. Thanks for the help guys!
    I found the replacement battery model!
    I bought a lithium battery to replace the flat one, my friends said lithium batteries lasts longer

    Do u think i could keep and recharge the flat battery later to use as a spare ?
  5. need to recharge now, a fully flat battery will soon be completely stuffed
    IF it charges up, then give ti a topup every now and again while in storage.. or it will eventually be completely stuffed :p
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  6. :p Righteo! Thanks again!
  7. Yes and No, Any battery will last longer if given easier treatment. Lithium's advantages are they are smaller for the same output and lighter. Thus much loved by the track people. Their disadvantage is they need a lot of internal smarts to prevent them overcharging and protect themselves in a internal short circuit. Re recent Samsung Note battery fires, Boeing Dreamliner battery fires etc. They are not as forgiving of going totally flat or of high temperatures. They do not handle multiple deep charging cycles well, it reduces their lifespan. Laptop batteries suffer from this if people charge them and run them completely down and then recharge over and over. Such a battery will last a couple of years at best.

    So if your riding is short multiple engine stops, recrank and start engine over and over, this is not good for any battery but Lithiums may fare worse in this type of riding.If your riding is start ride an hour or more stop restart and ride another hour or more Lithiums will do better.

    So probably more than you wanted to know. :)