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Battery maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by theiceman, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Getting old injury carved up and will be off the bike for 6+ weeks. Will battery be ok if I turn motor over a couple of times a week or is it best to remove completely?

  2. Go to a auto accessory place and get one of those trickle chargers that 'reads' the state of the battery and charges it only when necessary.

    Or, alternatively, get one of your friendly neighbourhood Netriders to ride it for you every week :LOL:

    mmmm, let's see, which is the cheapest option :rofl:????
  3. I suggest getting a battery tender or battery fighter.

    I run a fighter on my bike.

    They are a step above intelligent chargers, and they are okay to leave on for as long as you want. I know people who have hooked them up, gone overseas for 6 months, come back and the bike starts straight off.
  4. depends how long and how old your battery is.

    I had a old battery in mine left it for 3 weeks started the bike after a a few turn overs, had to let the engine suck in some fuel.

    My brother on the other hand needed a jump start he had a old bad battery.

    but we went overseas so couldnt run them a few times.

    if you take the battery out it still slowly drains so i guess its best to turn the motor a few times a week

    edit: if you wana spend the money n get a trickle charger thats another option, i had a look they arent that cheap or its hard to find one thats close amperage to the batts recomendation

  5. 60 bucks for a trickle charger isn't expensive
    And this is the BMW one.
    I've had to purchase a trickle charger and accessory socket for my bike as my "new battery? died on me after 2 weeks of no use (a dud and will be replaced under warranty) I bought the accessory socket and charger as cheap insurance to prevent the dramas of earlier this week.
    (Try pushing a 225 kg bike up and down the hill a few times to bump start it from cold ie 5 degrees)

  6. I was off my bike for 7 weeks and it started up fine when I got back on it. I ran it for 10 minutes on two occasions (once every 3 weeks) in that time though. If your battery is new then I suspect you'll be fine if you run it only once per week.
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  8. I run from fighters on mine :blackeye:
  9. Just disconnect the battery during your absence.