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Battery Issue?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Jez79, May 1, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Been reading all the past posts on dead batteries and hoping that is all that is wrong with mine.

    Been away for a week and got back on the bike to go to work yesterday (1990 Spada). Started fine and got me to work (20 min ride). Stopped on my way home to see someone (after maybe 10 min ride) and when I went to start it again, ignition light came on (neatral light and oil light) then hit the starter and all went dead. Soooo, tried to jump start it to no avail, tried many a time. After trying that, the dash lights would come on faintly but not much. Sooo tried putting it on charge overnight and try again this morning. Neutral and oil light come on ok, but no turning over. and lights fade again. (Not headlight) Try to jump start again in first and in second. Still no luck. Checked fuses too, they're ok, one is thin, but still connected.

    My question is: Do batteries lose their ability to hold charge. Is it possible that while I was away, the battery was losing charge and had enough to just start me yesterday?

    Secondly, If i need a new battery, can anyone recommend good value in Melbourne CBD or west, north or port melbourne?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. YEp sure so

    Yes my car did this a week or so ago... took a decent trip to charge back up.

    I have found that if i don't ride the Spada for a decent trip about once a week it gets a little sad in the battery dept. and it gets hard to start ....easy fix for that though :twisted: :biker:

    Jump starting should get things going though..then go for a ride.

    Other causes could be dead regulator .....or the battery may have actually given up completely and curled up it's toes.
  3. Dead Regulator? I Tried a jump start with jump leads (from car) and this started it fine and it ran fine while connected but when I disconnected, it started to sputter and then eventually died again. Does this sound like regulator or still just dead battery?
  4. hi mate. my old 89 Spada got a dead battery once and push starting did get it going but it ran real rough. A new battery fixed it right up. The battery man explained that in the Spada's case the battery is designed into the electrical system, current running in and running out, if your battery gets a dead cell or for some reason or just isn't operating correctly this can and will effect other electrical components of the motorcycle.

    it was a quick explanation by the battery man, but basically it made me understand that the battery is not just there for the starter motor, lights and horn etc..it has other roles i don't fully understand.

    all the best.
  5. Thanks guys, sounds like first port of call is a new battery. Anyone recommend a good place in inner melb for good quality/good value batteries?
  6. If you don't have the tools have an auto elec check the charging system.
    I got my new battery from my local auto elec. We use him for work so he was able to do a good deal and got one in for me.
    A word of warning. Stay away from cheap batteries unless you're really stuck. Expect to pay $130+ for quality maint free units even more for gell cell ones.

    My 2c worth.
  7. Yeah my battery is dead i think too.
    Had to jump start it yesterday with the Trans AM.
    And yeah after riding for a while it didnt hold charge. I might try the battery charger over ngiht. But im not holding my breath.

    Anyone Here in Adelaide have a good 2nd hand battery they are not using that i could buy off them?

    Cos at the moment the bike is doing this Ducati1.
    Instead of this CruseBike1.
  8. Battery world are not bad. Just got a car battery from them there. They also give your battery a free test, which is handy as sometimes you might not need a new battery. Closest one to st kilda would be the one off hoddle street in abbotsford.
  9. Well, I got a YUASA battery ($100), filled up the acid, gave it a charge and now its all good as gold. Thanks for the all the advice, very much appreciated! and very relieved..